168 Cookbooks

PASS: A solid bread baking book but I decided to declutter this one because I reach for others more often.
Down to 168 cookbooks

This past spring was crazy busy and I didn’t get to focus on my cookbook challenge as much as I would have liked. However, I did manage to try several new recipes, repeats, and ultimately declutter four cookbooks in my effort to streamline my entire cookbook library down to books that I will reach for and use.

Coming into summer now when my kitchen becomes a hothouse, I don’t know how much cooking and baking I will be doing, but fall is just around the corner and I always find autumn an inspiring time to be in the kitchen.

Start of the year and my cookbook challenge: 190 Cookbooks

End of March update: 172 Cookbooks

KEEP: Both of these are inspiring cookbooks chocked full of recipes that I want to try.
Tomato Soup from The Dahlia Bakery Cookbook. Yummy and flavorful.
PASS: I rarely make homemade ice cream and when I do, I prefer Martha Stewart’s custard based recipes so I can pass this on to someone else to enjoy.
KEEP: I love this cookbook and Nigella. I made her garlic and lime Halloumi Bites.
little people
Homemade hummus from Jerusalem cookbook. My second batch.
KEEP: The best hummus I’ve ever eaten I made myself using the recipe in this cookbook. It’s superior to any store bought hummus.
I’ve made a few batches of hummus using both types of tahini and prefer the Light Roast Tahini on the left.
PASS: I’m a huge fan of Jamie Oliver and I love his show. This is a gorgeous cookbook but it’s very meat heavy and someone else will enjoy it.
PASS: Only a few recipes in here piqued my interest. Most of the recipes are too basic and can be easily found online. I’m going to pass this on to someone else.

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