172 Cookbooks

I did quite a bit of cooking these past winter months. I baked a lot of bread and made plenty of soup. I’ve decluttered 18 cookbooks so far this year and now I am down to owning 172 cookbooks. My challenge to make a minimum of two recipes from every cookbook I own and decide whether or not to keep it continues.

There have been several instances where I’ve come across a cookbook that doesn’t inspire two recipes to begin with and the decision to pass it on is an easy one. Such was the case this past month.

I have a few professional baking books that I needed to make a decision about whether or not to keep. Additionally, I have numerous American cookbooks that were due for a good audit.

I don’t have a specific goal in mind when it comes to how many cookbooks I’m willing to own. My objective is to only possess the ones that I want to reach for over and over. And, it would be lovely if they all fit on one bookcase.

KEEP: I’m going to keep this one because of the great photos and instructions.
PASS: I decided to pass these professional baking books on to someone else.
KEEP: I love this bread book and made some delicious bread from its recipes. This pressure cooking cookbook has some good recipes as well.
KEEP: I made some very good recipes out of these cookbooks and look forward to making more.
Julia Child’s Pebble Bread. I froze these and ate them over the following week.
KEEP: There are many more recipes I look forward to making from these cookbooks.
I made these simple coriander cookies from an 1812 recipe.
PASS: I decided to pass on these American cookbooks since I have others that I enjoy more.
PASS: Not too many recipes here that piqued my interest.
PASS: My collection can do without these two. I’m passing them on for someone else to enjoy.
KEEP: Two cookbooks that I really enjoy. Both are keepers!
PASS: I’m passing these on because they lack inspiration and can’t really compete with others I own.

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