1930s American Blues

In 2017, I began my search for early American, vintage workwear; jeans in particular. I bought these jeans, made in the 1930s, from Amalgamated Clothing in Washington, DC. It’s not easy to find pre-WWII denim that is wearable. I love the many patches on this pair and the textures they form. They are button-fly and straight-leg; stovepipe as was the shape of its time. They are as durable as they are comfortable.

The other pair of early American workwear that I bought that year was a pair of 95-year-old, black and white striped trousers that I love to dress up. However, these jeans from the 1930s represent the only vintage, made-in-America workwear in blue denim that I own at the moment.

I’m wearing them here with a white sequin sweatshirt from Zara and my Church’s boots.

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“1930s American Blues”

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