5 Things To Love About Summer (From Someone Who Hates Summer)

Seriously.  I know it sounds harsh but I do hate summer.  Always have.  As a kid, I was happy to be out of school but that was literally the only thing I liked about summer.  I want boots and jackets, falling leaves, hot drinks, a cool breeze or crisp air, and Mac and Cheese.  I love Snow Days.  I want to live as close to the Arctic Circle as possible.  You can have the searing heat, humidity, crowds, and constant sunshine.

In my effort to be more positive and look for silver linings, I’m trying to turn my attitude around and think of things that I actually love about summer.  So far, I’ve come up with five.

1. Fruit

It really is the small things in life, isn’t it?  I definitely look forward to all the fresh fruit that hits the markets during the summer months.  I eat my weight in fruit many times over every summer.  I can make a complete meal out of fruit.  My smoothies taste better.  I truly enjoy shopping the produce section when it’s overflowing with sweet abundance. 

Afternoon Tea is a year-round pleasure. It’s all about the company.

2. Vacation Planning & Travel

Money spent on experiences and travel is the best investment.  Full stop.  I love planning a vacation.  I enjoy the research and sketching out an itinerary.  Memories from my travels and experiences with my family and closest friends are my most cherished.  I want more of this.  More interesting places to visit, more history to be learned, more food, drink, shopping and all around good times.

3. Family
Aside from the holidays, summer is when I get to see and spend the most time with my family.  That is 100% something I love and look forward to every summer.  I treasure all of our adventures together. 

My nephew and I went to Palm Springs when it was 117 degrees.  We nearly died yet had the best time!

This is not me.  It’s my beautiful niece.

And my other beautiful niece.

4. Sunglasses

I have a thing for sunglasses and usually buy a new pair (or two) every summer.  Other than jewelry, sunglasses are my favorite accessory so I would say that this surely counts as something I love about summer. 

Oakley shades & vintage AC/DC tee.  I’d be smiling if it wasn’t so damn hot.

5. Reading (in front of the air conditioner on blast.)

I set a goal in January to power through more books on my bookshelf this year.  One thing the heat and heatwaves have afforded me has been some long stretches of reading.  My bedroom is the coolest room in the house and I’ve spent many weekends reading there inches from the AC unit.  I’ve loved every minute of these quiet and peaceful days spent alone in my bed with my books. 

Ice cream concoctions in Madrid.

And there’s always ice cream on a hot day.  Okay, make that six things to love about summer.

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