Moroccan Crush

This vintage 1970s wrap top is a little bit outside of my comfort zone but I was drawn to the metal rivets when I spotted it at Nomad Vintage, NYC. It’s unlike anything else I own yet I find it interesting, and it couldn’t be easier to dress. Clothing that doubles down on details is easily paired with other basics. Few accessories needed. I’m wearing this vintage Moroccan gem with

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Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick: My Picks

The best drugstore lipstick range for its creamy formulation, pigmentation, color range, and price, in my opinion, is Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick. I have and have had several shades, and there are many more that I would like to try. They rival any department store brand and continue to prove one does not need to spend a lot of money on deeply rich, vivid, and comfortable lipsticks. Below are my

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How To Build A Vintage Wardrobe: Part V Shoes & Boots

Shoes and boots can be a simple way to incorporate vintage into one’s everyday wardrobe because they are so easily styled with denim. I don’t have a large collection of vintage shoes but what I do have, I appreciate greatly. Most have been incredible bargains as well and easy on the budget. DRESS SHOES I bought these navy blue Laundry shoes (above) in the 90s while living in Seattle. At

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Current A.M. & P.M. Skincare Routine – August 2019

My morning skincare routine: Step 1: Cleanse/Exfoliate MD Complete Restoring Cleanser – I’ve been using this drugstore cleanser morning and night. It’s affordable, hydrating and contains aloe vera, chamomile, and green tea. It removes make-up and leaves my skin feeling nourished. Dr. Sebagh Deep Exfoliating Mask – I’ve loved Dr. Sebagh products for years and this one is a favorite. A few mornings per week, I apply this exfoliating mask.

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Metallics At Noon

When I wake up feeling tired and dull, which is most days, I may reach for something metallic in an effort to elevate my mood and brighten my complexion. I’m a big advocate of wearing metallics or sequins during the day for this reason. Why leave such clothing in the back of the closet for date night or special events? I bought this vintage metallic silver dress in Las Vegas

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How To Build A Vintage Wardrobe: Part IV Skirts

I admit I don’t wear skirts very often. I reach for pants most days and live in denim. However, on days when I want to make a bit more of an effort, I will reach for a skirt. Some of my vintage skirts, I have had a very long time and are like old friends. I have also bought a few new ones in the past year. I’m not particularly

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10 Beautiful Things

Best Las Vegas Restaurants Decoding The Wedding Dress Code Mesmerizing and Beautiful YouTuber Liziqi 10 Most Beautiful Coastal Towns In The USA How Women Should Say No To Thankless Office Tasks Google’s 7-Step Process to Delegating Tasks Best Sandwich in Every U.S. State How To Survive A Breakup Best Seasonal Drinks To Sip This Summer Ken Burns on America: ‘We’re a strange and complicated people‘

Flower Child

Usually, I can remember where and when I bought every piece of clothing I own but I’m drawing a blank on where I acquired this vintage maxi dress. I’m pretty sure it came from a vintage shop in Denver or Las Vegas. There are three things I really love about this dress and that always come to mind when I reach for it. 1. It’s handmade. Women made their own

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How To Curate A Fabulous Wardrobe That You Will Actually Wear Using The One In, One Out System

I adhere to a strict One In / One Out Rule when it comes to bringing non-consumables into my house as a way of maintaining a grip on the amount of stuff I own. When it comes to my wardrobe, I take this rule one step further and use it to curate a wardrobe that I want to wear and makes getting dressed everyday fun. It also allows me to

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Charlie’s Angels Retrospective

My sisters and I used to play Charlie’s Angels when we were kids. There were three of them, and three of us. These adventures began in our Dad’s basement office where we concocted a possible crime, then set out into the neighborhood to investigate and search for clues. Some of my best childhood memories consist of the endless role-playing games between my sisters and me. We played “office”, “store”, “doctor”

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Hello Beautiful. 


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