KIKO is a high quality, moderately priced, cruelty-free Italian cosmetics company.  Recently, I picked up a few items to try out. I love cruising through their well organized stores but you can also order direct online.  Check out KIKO here. Eyebrow Expert Styling Kit 01 Color Fever Eyeshadow Palette 102 Single eyeshadow in the shade Infinity Cream Crush Lasting Eyeshadow 07 Daring Look Eye Marker Black Everlasting Kajak eye pencil

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Hall of Fame: After-Shower Body Oils

Three heroes in my book. This is about my fifth can of Vaseline Spray Moisturizer.  I’ve used all three varieties; cocoa butter, total moisture and this aloe version.  They are easy to use, super moisturizing and very affordable.  Available at drugstores. Goe Oil by Jao is pure luxury.  It’s expensive but you’ll relish every use.  Contains 28 plant, fruit, and flower oils and butters.  Made in Pennsylvania.  I encourage you to read

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DECIEM: The Ordinary

DECIEM, The Abnormal Beauty Company is a Toronto based company and beauty industry disrupter.  By focusing on high concentrations of readily available and affordable key ingredients and ditching fancy packaging and costly marketing campaigns, they deliver quality skincare to hungry consumers at cut-rate prices.  That’s exciting! I’ve tried their Hylamide and The Chemistry Brand ranges.  Both deliver great results.  Their Founder, Brandon Truaxe, was involved with Canadian skincare brand, Indeed Labs,

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French Pharmacy

  Some goodies from my French pharmacy shopping spree.  Separate reviews coming.      

Haircare Graveyard

The Graveyard.  I probably spend more money resulting in the most disappointment on haircare than any other beauty product.  I update this post regularly.  To the rundown: Winners Haircare products that I loved and will/have repurchase(d). Losers The many, many haircare products that just didn’t work for me for one reason or another and I will never buy again.  

10 Beautiful Things

Cafe Du Monde, New Orleans 1.  The Guide to Non-Toxic Deodorant 2.  Brown Butter Fried Nutella Banana Croissant Sandwiches 3.  Fairy-tale Villages 4.  Why Attitude Is More Important Than IQ 5.  What Jeans Looked Like the Year You Were Born 6.  21 Ways to Get Your Shit Together 7.  Best Dance Moves 8.  Fascinating Colour Postcards From the 1900’s 9.  Lazy Person’s Guide to a Happy Home 10. 24 THINGS WOMEN

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Pharmacy: Korean Beauty

Excited to try more Korean beauty find!  I’m almost never disappointed.  Reviews on the way.

April Favorites

My favorites this past month. Crack Original Styling Treatment: Love this leave in treatment that reduces frizz, protects from heat, and adds shine.  Smells great also.  Available online or Ulta. Elnett Hairspray: The. Best. At drugstores. Dry Wax by AG Hair Care: This is a new product for me that I’ve incorporated into my daily use.  Used sparingly, I love the texture it adds to styled hair.  At Ulta. Koh

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10 Beautiful Things

Blarney Castle, Blarney, Ireland 10 Beautiful Things 1. The Only Guide You Need To The Best Flea Markets In America 2. Infographic: The Shelf Life of Food 3. The intrepid cats of Instagram 4. Scotland Has Been Hiding The Loveliest Little Rainbow Of Houses 5. 15+ Stylish Seniors That Prove Age Is Just A Number 6. IKEA launches the VIKTIGT (limited edition) Collection 7. 17 Women Talk About How to Make Friends 8. Outdoor Dining

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Pharmacy: UK Beauty Spree

I picked up some beauty and skincare products on my recent trip to the UK.  Reviews coming soon!