A.M. Skincare Routine – April 2018

My current morning skincare routine – April 2018 Step 1 – Cleanse Erborian Creme Scrub – I bought this mild herbal exfoliator at L’Occitane on Black Friday to give it a try. It’s very mild and I enjoy the herbal scent. It may be discontinued but I’ve seen it on eBay. Step 2 – Hydrate Life Plankton Essence by BIOTHERM – I’ve tried a few different marine essence products and

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Hall of Fame: Exfoliators

  I’m an exfoliation warrior and have experimented with a wide range of exfoliators.  I combine both physical and acid exfoliators into my routine on a regular basis.  I don’t prefer one over the other but like them both for different reasons.  Both types slough off dead skin allowing the active ingredients in the products that you use after (serum, retinols, vitamin c, etc.) penetrate deeper into the skin.  The

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P.M. Skincare Routine – February 2018

My current evening skincare routine – February 2018 Step 1 – Cleanse Bioderma Micellaire Water – My go-to make up remover. Available online. Step 2 – Exfoliate Dr. Levy Switzerland 3 Deep Cell Renewal Micro-Resurfacing Cleanser – I think I bought this in Montreal. Formulated with alpha-hydroxy acids and rice microbeads to slough off dead skin, it’s a great product. Available at Cult Beauty. Step 3 – Serum Regenica Rejuvenating

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A.M. Skincare Routine – February 2018

My current morning skincare routine – February 2018 Step 1 – Cleanse NeoStrata Skin Resurfacing Duo – This microdermabrasion kit is in my Hall of Fame: Exfoliators. Every couple of days, I begin my morning routine with a good scrub especially if I’m using a potent retinol at night. This product combines a scrub and an AHA so it is likely too strong for sensitive skin. Unfortunately, it’s only available

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Hall of Fame: Primers

I don’t use primers often but there are some that I think really make a difference in the final result of my make-up.  I have a dry skin so I go for primers that illuminate and brighten as opposed to ones targeting oil control or pore size.  LE BLANC DE CHANEL ILLUMINATING BASE does exactly what it says it does.  I love this under foundation.  I discovered Too Faced Hangover

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10 Beautiful Things

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Hall of Fame: Sunscreens

My favorite sunscreens in no particular order.  Many of these have been in my rotation for years because they meet all of my criteria for an SPF for the face.  1.  High percentage of SPF (30 minimum).  2.  Works great under make-up.  3.  Doesn’t seep into my eyes.  4.  Broad Spectrum, protects against UVA and UVB rays. Kiehl’s Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+ – A longtime favorite.  Light in

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P.M. Skincare Routine November 2017

My current P.M. skincare routine – November 2017 Step 1 – Remove make-up Bioderma Micellar Water – The BEST eye-makeup remover.  Amazon is known to have fakes so buy from a reputable online site. Step 2 – Cleanse & Exfoliate The Greatest Scrub of All by Soap and Glory – A UK find.  Hopefully, they find a way to sell it in the USA. Step 3 – Toner/Hydrate La Roche

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A.M. Skincare Routine November 2017

My current A.M. skincare routine – Winter 2017 Step 1 – Cleanse The Greatest Scrub of All by Soap & Glory – In the morning, I give my face a good scrub with this creamy exfoliator. I love the texture and fine micro scrubbing spheres. I’ve only found it in the UK and hopefully it comes to the U.S. market. Step 2 – Hydrate Pixi Glow Tonic – This is

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Hall of Fame: Foundations

Here is a rundown of some of my most loved, most repurchased liquid foundations.  I try to avoid full coverage and powder foundations as I have aging, dry skin.  I’m wary of formulations that cake or settle into fine lines. My all-time favorite foundation is VITALUMIÈRE AQUA by CHANEL.  I’ve lost count the number I’ve gone through.  When I need an absolutely flawless skin, this is my go-to.  It’s a

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