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Hall of Fame: Micellar Cleansing Water

Micellar water is a decades-old French creation supposedly due to the days of poor plumbing and awful tap water.  No one wanted to wash their face in it.  Most skincare brands have jumped onto the trend by now with their own version.   Don’t confuse micellar water with toner.  Micellar water is a cleansing water that removes makeup and hydrates the skin.  Some have instructions not to rinse off.  I

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Pharmacy: Stockholm

I always bring back a sampling of beauty products when I visit a new city.  The amount of which is usually dictated by how much room I have in my suitcase.  I love to explore the numerous offerings (foreign to me) in far away pharmacies.  When I’m able to strike up a conversation with the store clerk, I enjoy learning which creams, treatments, and routines their local clientele gravitate toward as well as

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Talking Palettes

I am long overdue for an edit and declutter of my eyeshadow palettes.  I’m a huge fan of palettes because you almost always get more for your money considering a single eyeshadow can average $6.00 at the drugstore, MAC eyeshadows are $17.00 each, and more for single luxury eyeshadows.  Armani single eyeshadows are a whopping $32.00 a piece.   Having said that, I’ve vowed not to buy any new palettes

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Current A.M. & P.M Skincare Routine – August 2018

My current morning skincare routine. Step 1 – Cleanse/Exfoliate Dr. Lancer The Method Polish – I still love an invigorating scrub in the morning to get the blood flowing and slough off any dead skin when I’ve got Retin A in my rotation. Dr. Lancer is for exfoliation warriors. If you’ve got the skin of a rhinoceros (not really), this is for you. Available at Sephora. Step 2 – Toner/Hydrate

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Makeup Favorites: July 2018

This has been my makeup routine as of late.  It may seem burdensome but I can do it in ten minutes if I need to. NEUTROGENA Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint – An excellent light coverage foundation that leaves my skin looking hydrated.  This is supposed to be a dupe for La Mer’s Soft Fluid foundation that costs $120.   I tested it and they are very similar.  Both are light

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Pharmacy: Santa Maria Novella

Santa Maria Novella or Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella in Florence, Italy is probably the world’s oldest and still-operating pharmacy and apothecary in the world. Founded by Dominican friars in 1221, the monks first began producing rose water at the monastery to be used as a disinfectant during the Black Death. It’s still sold today as a toner and is one of their most popular products. For over

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Luxury Beauty Products I Regret Buying

It’s not that any of these are bad products, just disappointing in my opinion either in application or they were too expensive to justify. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair – I regret buying this because frankly, I just don’t understand the hype.  It’s a longstanding best seller and I’m sure that it has benefits but I didn’t notice any compared to my medical grade serums and some drug store serums

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Hall of Fame: Moisturizers

None of these moisturizers contain SPF as I prefer to use a separate high-factor SPF.  Therefore, many of these options can be used at night but for the sake of this list, these are my favorite daytime moisturizers that work great under make-up or on their own for my normal-dry skin. My Hall of Fame.. Charlotte’s Magic Cream – I love this luxurious and hydrating cream.  Created by make-up artist,

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P.M. Skincare Routine – June 2018

My current evening skincare routine – June 2018 Step 1 – Cleanse Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover for Lids, Lashes & Lips – I bought this to try because I loved Take The Day Off balm. This doesn’t work as well on stubborn eyeliner and mascara. I won’t buy it again but I’m glad tried it. Available a Clinique. TATA HARPER Purifying Cleanser – This is better suited

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A.M. Skincare Routine – June 2018

My current morning skincare routine – June 2018 Step 1 – Cleanse Dr. Lancer The Method: Polish – For serious exfoliators only. This is in my Hall of Fame. If you’re looking to resurface your face, you’re going to want this in your routine. Available at Sephora. Step 2 – Toner/Hydrate Life Plankton Essence by BIOTHERM – I’m still using and loving this essence. It leaves my skin feeling extremely

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