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168 Cookbooks

This past spring was crazy busy and I didn’t get to focus on my cookbook challenge as much as I would have liked. However, I did manage to try several new recipes, repeats, and ultimately declutter four cookbooks in my effort to streamline my entire cookbook library down to books that I will reach for and use. Coming into summer now when my kitchen becomes a hothouse, I don’t know

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A Thrift Tag

I saw this thrift tag going around and thought it could be an interesting way to reflect on my own thrift store behavior and experiences. Ninety percent of what I own is second hand sourced, not only from thrift stores but antique stores, curated vintage shops, online, hand me downs, etc. Vintage collectors have multiple sources and thrift stores have a strong shopping presence due to the constant turnover of

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172 Cookbooks

I did quite a bit of cooking these past winter months. I baked a lot of bread and made plenty of soup. I’ve decluttered 18 cookbooks so far this year and now I am down to owning 172 cookbooks. My challenge to make a minimum of two recipes from every cookbook I own and decide whether or not to keep it continues. There have been several instances where I’ve come

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190 Cookbooks

When I moved apartments at the end of 2017, I counted all of my cookbooks and was surprised (not surprised) that I owned 219 cookbooks. Wanting to possess only cookbooks to be used and cherished, and not wanting to move that many cookbooks ever again, I presented myself with the challenge of cooking a minimum of two recipes from each cookbook followed by an informed decision whether or not to

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25 Things To Declutter Right Now!

A new year is upon us and there is no need to wait for spring to clear out clutter. I find it incredibly gratifying to begin the year with a deep clean, declutter, and purge. The positive impact it has on my state of mind is noticeable and allows me to focus clearly on starting off the new year just right by organizing my living space, setting goals, and making

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How To Get Your Life Back On Track In Three Days

I’ve had a busy couple of months with work, travel, and end of the year projects. I can get overwhelmed sometimes when things pile up due to a demanding work schedule thus having to push things to the back burner, or traveling and not being at home to get things done. Tasks and procrastination can stack up leaving me feeling a little paralysed. I was out of town again last

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2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Thanksgiving.  I’m excited to share with you my first Holiday Gift Guide.  These are just a few things that I find relatively special.  They bring something positive to my daily life therefore, I can recommend them with confidence as you’re looking to buy gifts this holiday season or perhaps a gift to yourself.  Enjoy! Weighted Blanket My weighted blanket was the best discovery of the year. It’s a game

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Black Friday Tips & Hacks

Black Friday officially begins this Friday usually at 6 am (midnight at some outlet malls), and sales can be found through Cyber Monday, November 26.  For better or for worse, the holiday sales season seems to begin earlier with each passing year.  Indeed, some sales have already started.  My brother and I have a tradition of shopping Black Friday in a different city each year.  We consider ourselves seasoned pros

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How To Be Savage At Thrifting

Ninety percent of what I own is second-hand.  Possessions that I’ve acquired from thrift stores, antique stores, yard sales, eBay, etc.  Here are some of my best thrifting tips and lessons learned from my many years hunting for treasures in thrift shops.  1. Dress the part. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. If you’re going for clothes and want to limit your time in the dressing room (or standing in line

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How To Survive Brimfield Flea (or Any Antiques Fair or Flea Market)

Brimfield Antiques Flea Market in Brimfield, Massachusettes is considered to be the oldest outdoor flea market in the U.S. going back 50 years.  It runs three times a year and their summer show begins this week, July 10-15th. Brimfield can overwhelm the most experienced pickers.  It’s huge.  Over 50,000 people attend each show during its six day run.  Thousands of vendors haul their wares to the show and set up

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