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10 Links To Uplift Your Spirits

An ancient discovery. A little bit of art, advice, and inspiration to uplift your spirits during these trying times. Also, let’s take up running, or not. 5,000-year-old Sword Is Discovered In A Venetian Monastery The Pope’s List of 10 Tips for Becoming a Happier Person Mark Cuban’s 4 Best Tips to Business Owners on Weathering a Downturn Do you remember this? Emotional Baby Is Moved To Tears By Mom’s Singing

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Decluttering Cookbooks: 157 Cookbooks In My Library

Sheltering in place means more time to cook and bake at home. I rediscovered a few amazing cookbooks and decluttered some cookbooks as well for someone else to enjoy. Three months into the year and I have been doing a lot of cooking and baking as I work my way through my cookbook collection. I started the year with 162 cookbooks in my library. Down from 219 when I started

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Closet Clear Out Using The One In, One Out Rule Part III

Buying new things to elevate your style? Clear out your closet at the same time using the One In, One Out Rule and declutter items that no longer suit you. Whenever I make a thoughtful purchase of clothes, shoes, or accessories that I feel fills a hole in my wardrobe or will help elevate outfits and looks, I declutter at least one item from my wardrobe in that category. As

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Ten Tips For Working From Home

As a consultant, I’ve been working primarily from home for several years. There are many coveted perks working from home but to do it successfully I’ve implemented my own set of rules and best practices. Perks of Working From Home It’s an introvert’s dream not having to interact with humans every single day. You’re always home to collect packages from late-night online shop ups. You save a ton of money

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Ten Interesting Articles To Read This Week

Spring is in the air. Check out these picnic landscapes, plus life advice from Dr. Seuss, the best ice cream shops in America, an interesting article on Beethoven, Irish Whiskey, COVID-19, and don’t download Tik Tok. 1. 9 Dreamy Picnics 2. The Evolution of Red Lipstick 3. Anyone Would Want To Live In This Treehouse 4. What Dr. Seuss Can Teach Every Adult About Life 5. 19 Things You Probably Didn’t Know

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Top 10 Most Inspiring Articles of the Week

Great articles that I discovered online intended to encourage, educate, or inform. We can all use a little inspiration now and then. 1. How to Be Cool 2. 30 Things To Stop Doing To Yourself 3. Striking Designs From the World’s Typewriter Artists 4. 83 Things Every Man Should Do Before He Dies 5. 17 Mistakes Tourists Make While Visiting Las Vegas 6. Photo of Mice Squabbling on Subway Platform Wins

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Top 10 Most Inspiring Lifestyle Articles of the Week

Inspiring and motivational lifestyle articles that I discovered online intended to encourage, educate, or inform. We can all use a little inspiration now and then. So please, click through and hopefully take away some insight and creativity. Enjoy. The Rudest Things You Can Do At A Restaurant The Rudest Things You Can Do At A Funeral Latina CEO Sandra Campos Shares 7 Crucial Keys To Success 15 Easiest Indoor Houseplants

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Decluttering Cookbooks: 162 Cookbooks In My Library

My Cookbook Challenge enters its third year. I begin 2020 with 162 cookbooks. Which ones will I keep and which ones will I declutter moving forward? It’s taken two full years now to declutter my enormous cookbook library and it’s about 60% complete. My enthusiasm for cooking usually wanes in the heat of the summer. I can’t bear to turn on the oven and live off of fruit, yogurt, and

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How To Thrift Like A Pro

I show you my best tips and tricks for how to thrift like a pro for clothing, accessories, housewares, decor, and furniture. Dress the part. Bring cash. Keep wet wipes in your car. Bring your phone. Find out what is on sale as you walk in the door. Get a cart. Don’t show your hand. Look for quality pieces. Have a vision. Go easy on yourself. Buy it when you

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25 Things To Declutter Right Now!

Ready to declutter right now? The best tips and tricks to immediately declutter your home in twenty-five different categories and begin the year with less stuff. A new year is upon us and there is no need to wait for spring to clear out the clutter. I find it incredibly gratifying to begin the year with a deep clean, declutter, and purge. The positive impact it has on my state

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