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Pharmacy: London Boots

I had so much fun cruising through Boots while in London. Grabbed some new items to try.  Sexy Mother Pucker is a long time favorite.  I hope the entire range eventually makes it the U.S.  So many more products available! I love this foot exfoliator and exfoliating cleanser! Max Factor was started in 1909 by a Polish-born make-up artist of the same name.  It left the U.S. market a few years

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10 Beautiful Things

Woody Guthrie’s New Year’s Resolutions 1942  The Power of Napping  10 Ways to Change Your Life  50 Side Hustles You Can Start For $50 or Less  The Fairytale Village Without Any Roads  This Restaurant Built In A Cave  Whiskey-Filled Stormtroopers  100-Year Old Colour Portraits of New York Immigrants  What 2,000 Calories Looks Like  How To Live An Exceptional Life: 10 Tips From Rick Rubin

DECIEM: The Ordinary

DECIEM, The Abnormal Beauty Company is a Toronto based company and beauty industry disrupter.  By focusing on high concentrations of readily available and affordable key ingredients and ditching fancy packaging and costly marketing campaigns, they deliver quality skincare to hungry consumers at cut-rate prices.  That’s exciting! I’ve tried their Hylamide and The Chemistry Brand ranges.  Both deliver great results.  Their Founder, Brandon Truaxe, was involved with Canadian skincare brand, Indeed Labs,

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French Pharmacy

Some goodies from my French pharmacy shopping spree.  Separate reviews coming.        

10 Beautiful Things

1.  The Guide to Non-Toxic Deodorant 2.  Brown Butter Fried Nutella Banana Croissant Sandwiches 3.  Fairy-tale Villages 4.  Why Attitude Is More Important Than IQ 5.  What Jeans Looked Like the Year You Were Born 6.  21 Ways to Get Your Shit Together 7.  Best Dance Moves 8.  Fascinating Colour Postcards From the 1900’s 9.  Lazy Person’s Guide to a Happy Home 10. 24 THINGS WOMEN OVER 30 SHOULD WEAR

March Favorites

  My Favorites this month. Yon-Ka Paris Cleansing Cream: A wonderful cleanser that I’ve been using exclusively in the mornings.  Its calming formula is great for sensitive, dry skin and rosacea.  It also contains refreshing peppermint which is why I like to use it in the morning.  Wonderful brand.  Available through aestheticians or online. MISSHA Complexion Coordinating BB Cream: My favorite Korean brand.  This is a medium to full coverage BB

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