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How To Get Your Life Back On Track In Three Days

I’ve had a busy couple of months with work, travel, and end of the year projects. I can get overwhelmed sometimes when things pile up due to a demanding work schedule thus having to push things to the back burner, or traveling and not being at home to get things done. Tasks and procrastination can stack up leaving me feeling a little paralysed. I was out of town again last

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End of Autumn & My First Levi’s Jean Jacket

While going through my camera roll, I’m feeling reminiscent about a trip I took in the final days of fall with my family to Boston and Salem.  The air was clear and crisp, and the leaves were orange and bright as always in New England.   The day trip called for layers and provided the perfect opportunity to wear this vintage Levi’s jean jacket I picked up in Brooklyn at

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Happy New Year!

The Farm at the Palace of Versailles I’m back after a long hiatus! I’ll be redesigning the blog later this year but in the meantime, I have lots of reviews, favorites, and other fun things including a few series planned for the new year. I aim to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 10 Beautiful Things will be posted every Friday. Stay tuned and here’s to a great 2016! -Angel

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