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Vintage Wardrobe Staple: Navy Blazer From Goodwill

There are staples in any wardrobe that can be easily swapped out with a vintage option. Blazers are such an example. Vintage blazers are known to have interesting lines and tailoring, unique embellishments, and most often made from high-quality natural fabrics. A navy blue blazer is the epitome of a wardrobe staple. Vintage versions are plentiful in thrift stores, vintage stores, and online. I have several navy blue jackets and

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How To Build A Vintage Wardrobe: Part VII Denim

In an upcoming post, I’ll discuss identifying and collecting vintage Levi’s specifically but today I’m offering some ideas on incorporating a variety of vintage denim pieces into a wardrobe representing several decades. I’ve been living in my vintage jeans for quite some time now as I haven’t bought a pair of new blue jeans in two years. I bought two pairs of black jeans last Christmas but for blue jeans,

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How To Build A Vintage Wardrobe: Part VI Special Occasion Dresses

There are many ways to incorporate vintage dresses into a modern-day wardrobe. Vintage day dresses are in abundance in stores and online. A-line, shift, shirtwaist, drop waist, pencil skirt, or swing skirt dresses in cotton, wool, rayon, or polyester fabrics, solids and patterns, the choices from past decades are vast. I don’t wear dresses generally and usually pass over vintage day dresses although I appreciate them. I gravitate heavily toward

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How To Build A Vintage Wardrobe: Part V Shoes & Boots

Shoes and boots can be a simple way to incorporate vintage into one’s everyday wardrobe because they are so easily styled with denim. I don’t have a large collection of vintage shoes but what I do have, I appreciate greatly. Most have been incredible bargains as well and easy on the budget. DRESS SHOES I bought these navy blue Laundry shoes (above) in the 90s while living in Seattle. At

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How To Build A Vintage Wardrobe: Part IV Skirts

I admit I don’t wear skirts very often. I reach for pants most days and live in denim. However, on days when I want to make a bit more of an effort, I will reach for a skirt. Some of my vintage skirts, I have had a very long time and are like old friends. I have also bought a few new ones in the past year. I’m not particularly

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How To Build A Vintage Wardrobe: Part III Beaded Tops & Trophy Jackets

I’m like a magpie when it comes to sparkly things so it’s no wonder the vintage clothing items taking up a disproportionate amount of space in my closet are glistening beaded and sequined clothes. I’ve been buying these types of vintage wear since the early days and continue to do so. Pretty sequined items are in abundance in vintage shops and thrift stores making beaded tops and this type of

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How To Build A Vintage Wardrobe: Part II Vintage Jackets & Blazers

Adding vintage jackets or blazers to modern-day looks is an easy way to begin building a vintage wardrobe as they are necessary in life and plentiful in vintage clothing stores and thrift shops alike. Below are some suggestions for the types of jackets to consider as you flip through the racks. I encourage you to think outside the box and step outside your comfort zone. Then all of the wonderous

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How To Build A Vintage Wardrobe: Part 1 Introduction

I’m excited to be starting this new series today on how to build a vintage wardrobe and tips for creating a unique style you can call your own by incorporating vintage finds into your everyday style. Over the next few months, I’ll offer styling ideas and examples while sharing some of my favorite finds and best scores over the years. This introduction is about where to begin to shop and

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Vintage Handbags & Purses

Vintage handbags and purses are where it’s at for me.  I never caught the designer bag bug.  It’s cool if that’s your thing but I get excited whilst out thrifting, I come across a beautiful and unique vintage purse that I’ve never seen before.  As you can tell by my extensive collection, collected over twenty-five years, I got excited a lot.  The majority of these cost $20 or less and

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