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6 Days, No Jeans

My desire to not wear jeans prompted a challenge last week to reach into my closet and wear something, anything other than denim. I love jeans, especially black jeans but I’ve become a bit lazy and reliant on denim when dressing myself every day. I’m also hyper-aware of the cost per wear as it pertains to clothing items I’ve spent money on that don’t get worn when I reach

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Vintage Wardrobe Staple: Navy Blazer From Goodwill

There are staples in any wardrobe that can be easily swapped out with a vintage option. Blazers are such an example. Vintage blazers are known to have interesting lines and tailoring, unique embellishments, and most often made from high-quality natural fabrics. A navy blue blazer is the epitome of a wardrobe staple. Vintage versions are plentiful in thrift stores, vintage stores, and online. I have several navy blue jackets and

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A 1960s Statement Coat And Playing In A Corn Maze

My favorite time of the year means endless opportunities to break out my vintage coats that spent the summer in the deep recesses of the coat closet. This 1960s vintage coat was a Brimfield Flea score from a year ago. The last time I wore it was exactly this time last year when my brother and nephew came to visit and we went to the Castle Hill Farm corn maze.

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How To Build A Vintage Wardrobe: Part VII Denim

In an upcoming post, I’ll discuss identifying and collecting vintage Levi’s specifically but today I’m offering some ideas on incorporating a variety of vintage denim pieces into a wardrobe representing several decades. I’ve been living in my vintage jeans for quite some time now as I haven’t bought a pair of new blue jeans in two years. I bought two pairs of black jeans last Christmas but for blue jeans,

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1930s American Blues

In 2017, I began my search for early American, vintage workwear; jeans in particular. I bought these jeans, made in the 1930s, from Amalgamated Clothing in Washington, DC. It’s not easy to find pre-WWII denim that is wearable. I love the many patches on this pair and the textures they form. They are button-fly and straight-leg; stovepipe as was the shape of its time. They are as durable as they

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What I Got At Brimfield Flea & Declutter (One In, One Out)

I look forward to going to Brimfield Flea Market in Massachusetts every year. I went to the show in May but skipped the July show. It was just too hot so I was filled with anticipation getting ready for last weeks show and the final one of the year. I took some photos of some of the marvelous things I saw but didn’t buy. I didn’t buy any housewares or

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How To Build A Vintage Wardrobe: Part VI Special Occasion Dresses

There are many ways to incorporate vintage dresses into a modern-day wardrobe. Vintage day dresses are in abundance in stores and online. A-line, shift, shirtwaist, drop waist, pencil skirt, or swing skirt dresses in cotton, wool, rayon, or polyester fabrics, solids and patterns, the choices from past decades are vast. I don’t wear dresses generally and usually pass over vintage day dresses although I appreciate them. I gravitate heavily toward

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Nightclub Reflection

This is a special dress to me. It holds a lot of memories. I bought it at a vintage clothing store in Portland, OR in 1999. I remember it was $70. That was a little pricey for me at the time for something “special occasion” but I fell in love with it. Back then, my job required me to spend most weekend nights in Seattle nightclubs, and I knew I

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Moroccan Crush

This vintage 1970s wrap top is a little bit outside of my comfort zone but I was drawn to the metal rivets when I spotted it at Nomad Vintage, NYC. It’s unlike anything else I own yet I find it interesting, and it couldn’t be easier to dress. Clothing that doubles down on details is easily paired with other basics. Few accessories needed. I’m wearing this vintage Moroccan gem with

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How To Build A Vintage Wardrobe: Part V Shoes & Boots

Shoes and boots can be a simple way to incorporate vintage into one’s everyday wardrobe because they are so easily styled with denim. I don’t have a large collection of vintage shoes but what I do have, I appreciate greatly. Most have been incredible bargains as well and easy on the budget. DRESS SHOES I bought these navy blue Laundry shoes (above) in the 90s while living in Seattle. At

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