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95 Year Old Workwear

Collecting American vintage workwear has been an interest of mine for a while.  Finding sources for very old denim can be tough and I didn’t have any luck until I found a few of vendors at a vintage clothing fair a couple of years ago.   I own two pieces of vintage workwear; a pair of blue denim jeans from the 1930’s, and these Hickory Striped trousers from the early 1920’s.

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5 Things To Love About Summer (From Someone Who Hates Summer)

Seriously.  I know it sounds harsh but I do hate summer.  Always have.  As a kid, I was happy to be out of school but that was literally the only thing I liked about summer.  I want boots and jackets, falling leaves, hot drinks, a cool breeze or crisp air, and Mac and Cheese.  I love Snow Days.  I want to live as close to the Arctic Circle as possible.

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Skeletons In Vienna

I recently returned from a European vacation during which all of Europe was baking under a heatwave.  I’ve never been so ready for fall and winter in my life.  I’ve unpacked my bags and started to sort through some of the vintage items that I found while I was touring the neighborhood vintage clothing stores as one does.  I took so many photos.  I’ll post more in the weeks to come but

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How To Be Savage At Thrifting

Ninety percent of what I own is second-hand.  Possessions that I’ve acquired from thrift stores, antique stores, yard sales, eBay, etc.  Here are some of my best thrifting tips and lessons learned from my many years hunting for treasures in thrift shops.  1. Dress the part. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. If you’re going for clothes and want to limit your time in the dressing room (or standing in line

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What I Got At Brimfield Flea

  I had an amazing day at Brimfield Flea a few weeks ago.  I was prepared, arrived early, and only had t0 hit the cash machine once for an emergency supplement to my planned budget.   As you can see from this web photo, it’s big.  Hence, the overwhelming feeling that comes over me everytime I go but I press on.  It was hot.  Which normally, I would complain about

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Unleash Your Inner Cowgirl

I picked up a couple of pairs of vintage cowboy boots in the last year and I have two pairs that I bought new several years ago.  I wouldn’t have said they were my style at all but I’ve been getting into them more and I enjoy the challenge of styling them with my current wardrobe.   A pair of vintage cowboy boots can look great with something new and

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Vintage Handbags & Purses

Vintage handbags and purses are where it’s at for me.  I never caught the designer bag bug.  It’s cool if that’s your thing but I get excited whilst out thrifting, I come across a beautiful and unique vintage purse that I’ve never seen before.  As you can tell by my extensive collection, collected over twenty-five years, I got excited a lot.  The majority of these cost $20 or less and

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How To Survive Brimfield Flea (or Any Antiques Fair or Flea Market)

Brimfield Antiques Flea Market in Brimfield, Massachusettes is considered to be the oldest outdoor flea market in the U.S. going back 50 years.  It runs three times a year and their summer show begins this week, July 10-15th. Brimfield can overwhelm the most experienced pickers.  It’s huge.  Over 50,000 people attend each show during its six day run.  Thousands of vendors haul their wares to the show and set up

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Retro Menswear

 My uniform as of late: retro menswear.  This 90’s Mondo dress shirt, found at the thrift store, is easy to style with jeans and boots.  I love that I can skip the accessories especially when I’m in a hurry because all the detail and sparkle is provided in the shirt.  Worn here with H&M and Zara jeans along with one of my best thrift store finds ever, these Y-3 Adidas boots

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Vintage Vases 4 Make-up Brushes

  I’m a big fan of repurposing old things into my modern daily life.  I love these Italian planters and silver vase.   These three hold my make-up brushes. A little cleaning and polish goes a long way and always brings out the beauty under any dirt or tarnish.  

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