Golden Leaves & Black Velvet

Connecticut River

Connecticut River

I recently visited Gillette Castle with my family.  Built in 1914 by American actor, William Gillette, the castle and estate is now a state park with amazing views of the Connecticut River and magical ponds and forests that make up the grounds.  We had a lot of fun exploring the place and taking photos of each other. 

Photo credit: Kylar Combs

This vintage, black velvet sequined jacket is a favorite find of mine.  A few years ago, my Dad and I went to Talladega for the races and had stumbled upon a fantastic antique store in Atlanta called Kudzu Antiques + Modern.  They have a bunch of vintage clothing and other cool stuff.  We bought some Christmas presents and I spotted this jacket.  On this autumn day, I paired it with Anthropologie jeans from last year and old pair of Michael Kors boots.  

The fall season in Connecticut is a beautiful sight and we had a lot of fun playing around. 

Gillette Castle

Gillette Castle, CT

Photo credit: Angel Combs

Photo credit: Angel Combs

Photo credit: Kylar Combs

Photo credit: Sean Combs

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