Haircare Graveyard

The Graveyard.  I probably spend more money resulting in the most disappointment on haircare than any other beauty product.  I update this post regularly.  To the rundown:

Haircare products that I loved and will/have repurchase(d).

These four items I buy over and over again.


Rockstar conditioners!

My favorite color-treated shampoo and this bottle lasts months.


My hair didn’t grow a lot but I noticed a difference. I’ll buy it again.

I’m a big fan of Schwarzkopf haircare. Loved this duo.

Cover up the grays

Some favorite styling products and root cover-up!

haircare favorites

Pureology and Kerastase products are fail safe.


The many, many haircare products that just didn’t work for me for one reason or another and I will never buy again.


Serge Normant is a luxury haircare brand and I just don’t get it. Nothing I’ve ever tried from this line has worked for me.


Another Serge bummer. 


Another much hyped brand that baffles me is Living Proof. I’ve tried so many but I’m putting an end to the madness.


My second attempt at Bumble and Bumble’s mousse and R+Co dry shampoo which people love but was a dud for me.

I wanted to love the PawPaw leave in treatment because it’s one of the best smelling products on the market but it just didn’t work for me.

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