Haircare Graveyard

THE GRAVEYARD.  I probably spend more money resulting in the most disappointment on haircare than any other beauty product.  I update this post regularly.  To the rundown:

Haircare products that I loved and will/have repurchase(d).

The Caviar line is excellent, and I love the smell of Klorane dry shampoo.

Few shampoos for color treated hair truly protect my color.  Color Proof is one as is this from Biolage.  Mane ‘n Tail is a great budget choice for a conditioner. 
For tinted dry shampoo, I’ve never found one more pigmented than Bumble and Bumble.  Tousled Texture by AG is excellent as well. 

These four items I buy over and over again.

Rockstar conditioners!

My favorite color-treated shampoo and this bottle lasts for months.


Cover up the grays

Some favorite styling products and root cover-up!

haircare favorites

Pureology and Kerastase products are fail-safes.

Haircare favorites

Loved this caviar serum!

haircare favorites

Loved all of these! Novex is a keratin conditioner that leaves hair silky smooth. Andalou styling cream can be found at Whole Foods. I bought a full size.

haircare favorites

Biolage shampoo may be my all time favorite!



The many, many hair care products that just didn’t work for me for one reason or another and I will never buy again.

None of these worked for me.  

Another much-hyped brand that baffles me is Living Proof. I’ve tried so many but I’m putting an end to the madness.

My second attempt at Bumble and Bumble’s mousse and R+Co dry shampoo which people love but were a dud for me.

I wanted to love the PawPaw leave in treatment because it’s one of the best smelling products on the market but it just didn’t work for me.



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