Knots Landing Vibes

Santa Barbara, California
Vintage cardigan

I loved the 80’s TV show Knots Landing.  Donna Mills was stunningly beautiful and wicked.  I watched it during an impressionable age and was captivated by the over-the-top 80’s fashion.  The bright colors, shoulder pads, and poofy sleeves they wore were intrinsic to their characters and you couldn’t wait to tune in each week just to see what they were wearing.  And, the makeup! but it was the 80’s.

I felt inspired by the show when I came across this vintage sweater cardigan, shoulder pads and all, at Goodwill.  I like the pattern and gold metal buttons.  It reminded me of something Donna Mills may have worn albeit NEVER with jeans.

Vintage cardigan

I wore this recently on a day outing with friends in Santa Barbara paired with Zara TRF jeans.  The necklace is a vintage piece I found last year at Brimfield Flea.

I stayed in the cutest beachside motel and spent an incredible weekend with friends eating, drinking, and exploring beautiful Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara

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