Modern Renaissance

I’m in the process of editing my wardrobe which means trying on everything I own. This has given me the opportunity to reminisce about some of my earlier vintage pieces.

Vintage beaded tops make up a high percentage of my wardrobe. I’ve been collecting them for over twenty years. For the beginner collector, they are affordable and easily found in thrift shops and vintage stores. As a seasoned collector, I still find them hard to resist although I’m much more selective these days. I found this one at Valley of Roses in the University District, Seattle. Mary who owns the shop is the sweetest and I’ve been shopping there for years.

There are two reasons why I love them so much. 1. You can dress them up or down. I prefer high/low styling meaning that I like to pair a fancy beaded top with jeans which instantly elevates a casual outfit. 2. Individuality. A unique outfit of the day is guaranteed. I’m particularly fond of the pattern of the sequins and color of this one. I don’t see myself parting with it anytime soon.

Worn here with G-STAR Moto jeans and a pair of black ankle boots.

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