On A Llama

I had to title this post “on a llama” because that used to be the name of one of my favorite bands from Portland, OR in the late 90s and everytime I see a llama, a voice in my head says, On A Llama.

Recently, my family came to visit and we took to the trails for a short walk in West Cornwall, CT with two llamas called Theo and Kiera.

It was a little rainy and slightly overcast day but being from Seattle, that doesn’t stop us from being outdoors. I love being in the woods no matter the weather, and getting to do it with family and a couple of llamas was pretty great.

I’m wearing vintage Levi 501’s, old Zara t-shirt, vintage mens Tripp NYC grunge jacket, and vintage Laredo boots. My hat is vintage Resistol. Resistol has been making hats in America since 1927.

Kiera and Theo
West Cornwall Covered Bridge, CT
Housatonic River, CT
Theo and me. PC: Lisa Bristow

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