Pharmacy: Prague


When I went to Prague this summer, I had high hopes of browsing Old World pharmacies.  I’m sure they exist but on this trip, my time was limited and I was melting away by the minute due to the sweltering heat.  I discovered Ryor, a Czech skincare brand and picked up a simple moisturizer to try.  I also nabbed a tube of A-DERMA Dermalibour Cream.  This is a French brand and one of my favorite moisturizers.  Since I was all out of this at home, I bought one to bring back with me.  Most of what I saw in the two pharmacies I went to consisted of well-known brands that one can buy online or in the States.  That was fine with me.  Prague has much to offer.

Prague pharmacy

Ryor skincare

Prague is the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen.  Every view breathtaking, and every vista spectacular.  You can see by some of my photos the things I loved the most; the food, wine, beer, sunsets, colors, architecture, rich history, and flavors.  I can’t wait to go back in the offseason and experience the city and surrounding area all over again only this time while wearing a jacket and boots. 

Making cones for ice cream cones.




One of the most delicious wines I’ve had in a while.

Dancing House

Dancing House – Architect, Frank Gehry


Beautifully ornate Absinthe spoons.

Black Angel’s Bar, Prague


We visited The Old Jewish Cemetery and Museum in Prague. A very moving experience.

Old Jewish Cemetery, Prague


The Lennon Wall

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