Product Review: Victoria Health

Recently, I discovered the online pharmacy, Victoria Health.  This London-based retailer is a treasure trove for vitamins, supplements, affordable skincare with high concentrations of active ingredients, as well as organic and natural health and beauty products.  They offer expedient international shipping for a nominal fee. 

I placed an order to try out some things.  The Ameliorate body care products are a dream.  I can’t get enough of ultra-hydrating skincare and this line so far doesn’t disappoint.  This ‘overnight recharge’ supplement, Benenox, is interesting.  It looks and tastes like cough syrup.  I’ll have to hold my review until I’ve used it for at least three weeks.  I’m hoping the B vitamins will boost my energy levels.

Victoria Health also sends along its newsletter and supplemental information on the products you order which is helpful.

Victoria Health
I did finish this bottle of IoniCell For Women tablets for nails, collagen, and hair health.  I didn’t notice much of a difference in my nails but my hair has been in good shape lately.  I also picked up this supplement called Superior Hair.  I take 20,000 mg of biotin a day (when I remember) and I’m going to get into this once I’ve used up the biotin. 

I have used and loved each of these products.  The Beat The Blues room spray is marvelous.  I can’t put my finger on why but I do find the scent uplifting.  Maybe because it smells like the woods to me and I love a walk in the woods.  I will definitely keep this on hand. Garden of Wisdom (GOW) is a budget skincare brand containing high-quality active ingredients in no faff packaging.  I’m thoroughly enjoying the Vitamin C Serum and the eye cream.  A more in-depth review of these two items coming next month. 

If you know Trinny Woodall of Trinny & Susannah, What Not To Wear, I encourage you to check out her YouTube channel.  She often has Shabir Daya, Victoria Health’s pharmacist in her bathroom to talk skincare and healthcare issues and problems such as acne, sleep, bloating, supplements, and menopause.  I promise you that you’ll learn something.

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