Really Groovy Pants

All photos in this post by kylar.combs

These groovy 1970s pants came from Roz’s Place Vintage in Northampton, MA. I picked them up several years ago for $10. I love that they are homemade and have an elastic waistband making them comfy and casual yet still a statement piece with its blue, green, white and silver pattern. Whoever sewed them did a great job. The cut is perfect.

On this chilly day in the Pacific Northwest, I’m wearing them with an AQUA cashmere sweater with sequin lightening bolts that I purchased a couple of years ago during a Black Friday sale. Same goes for these Limited Edition Ash sneakers. I received a scratch coupon as I was walking into Neiman Marcus Last Call during a Black Friday sale. I scored the coveted $100 off coupon and bought these black and blue wedge sneakers.

The 1970s is probably my favorite decade for vintage clothing. I like having these pants in my collection and I’m happiest about the $10 price tag.

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