Sunday BBQ For One

This being the last weekend of summer, I decided to barbeque.  As a vegetarian, I don’t partake as often as some but I do love the opportunity to toss some veggie dogs onto the BBQ.

My brother-in-law made this awesome cast iron grill and gave it to me as a Christmas gift.  It’s perfect.

I bought these milk rolls from Trader Joe’s to use for my hot dog buns.   French Sweet Milk Rolls is so extra!  I love a soft, doughy bun.  The kind you can squish into a ball in your hand.  Stiff or dry buns just aren’t worth the calories and can ruin the experience entirely.  

I only eat mustard on my hot dogs and Colman’s is my favorite.  I don’t need a heap of condiments.  I appreciate a simplistic 3-ingredient hot dog; quality veggie dog, spicy mustard, and a soft bun.

I ran errands most of the day today.  Wearing vintage Levi 501’s, white ankle boots from Topshop and black hoodie from Dolls Kill.

So good, I ate two.

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