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Hall of Fame: Cleansers

I would almost say, “any cleanser will do” since most cleansers and a washcloth will adequately clean the face but there are a few that I think are exceptional. That’s not to say out of the hundreds of cleansers on the market, most don’t rate, they do. They get the job done. Neither does one have to spend very much money on a cleanser. After all, it’s on the skin

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Hall of Fame: Cleansing Balms

I’ve been using cleansing balms in my skincare regimen for over five years now.  Using a balm for your cleansing step can simply be an alternative or preference to cream cleansers as they can remove every trace of makeup in one cleanse and give your skin a boost of nourishment.  However, I tend to reach for them when I want to take a little more time cleansing my skin.  I use

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Hall of Fame: French Skincare You Can Buy In The USA

If you’re a connoisseur of quality skincare, a stroll through any French pharmacy is a self-care experience like no other. I’ve spent hours perusing the jam-packed shelves for products that will support the health of my skin, transform and diminish fine lines, and treat any skincare ailments or needs. Fortunately, many products that I’ve come to love are available to purchase online or in stores in the United States. We

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Current A.M & P.M. Skincare Routine – June 2019

Morning Routine Step 1 – Cleanse/Exfoliate Indeed Labs Facial Powdered Exfoliator – This appears to be discontinued and that’s a bummer. This powdered exfoliator forms into a foamy cleanser when mixed with water. It contains rice bran powder, hyaluronic acid, and red algae to exfoliate dead skin cells and rehydrate. Indeed Labs is a longtime favorite affordable skincare brand. Hopefully, they bring this back or something like it. Step 2

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Pharmacy: Korean Beauty

I can never pass up a Korean beauty market when I spot one.  K-Beauty is everywhere these days, from the drugstore to department stores.    I have a post about my favorite K-beauty products coming soon but I wanted to list some of my favorites stores and online sources.  Online sources are convenient but physical locations are so much fun to browse in person.  I can easily lose myself for

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Current A.M. & P.M. Skincare Routine – April 2019

Step 1: Cleanse Pixi Peel & Polish – I like this fresh and fruity physical exfoliator. It wakes up my skin in the morning. Pixi is also available at Target. Step 2: Serum ISDIN Flavo-C Serum – I bought a few skincare products in Madrid last year and a couple of products from the Spanish skincare range, ISDIN. These Vitamin C serum ampules come with a lid that allows you

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Hall of Fame: Lip Balms & Treatments

My all-time favorite lip balms and treatments. I’ve been using Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream for years.  Some don’t care for the smell but I love it.  This can be used anywhere on the body to treat dry, cracked skin but I use it mostly as a lip treatment.  Available at most department stores.  It’s a real hero product. Lanolips is a recent discovery that I will repurchase.  The Lemonaid

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Hall of Fame: Matrixyl Serums

Matrixyl is a peptide combination invented and trademarked in France. Its development was a breakthrough in anti-aging technology and it’s found in hundreds of skincare products. There are three types, or generations: Matrixyl™, Matrixyl™ 3000, and Matrixyl™ synthe’6. One is not necessarily better than the other. My skin benefits greatly from any or all combinations which is why I include it regularly into my regimen. Matrixyl signals your body to

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Pharmacy: Montreal, Quebec City

A quick post today highlighting some of my favorite skincare finds from Quebec, Canada. The best part about making a pharmacy run to Quebec is the wonderful abundance of all my French AND Canadian skincare favorites in one place. I’ll admit, I hit three pharmacies in total in order to pack my suitcase to the maximum with products; some new to test, some old favorites, from Indeed Labs, Coup d’Eclat,

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Current A.M. & P.M. Skincare Routine – January 2019

My current morning skincare routine. Step 1: Cleanse Murad Age Reform AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser – I like to begin each morning with a mild scrub. This one from Murad contains the main three; salicylic acid, lactic acid, and glycolic acid yet it’s not too harsh. Available where Murad is sold. Step 2: Treatmen0.5 mm Derma Roller – I’m trying to use my derma rollers more frequently to get all the

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