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Road Trippin’: A Guide to Vintage Clothing Stores in the USA (and a few beyond)

Updated May 2019 Aside from eBay, Etsy, and the occasional vintage clothing fair, I source most of my vintage clothing finds from the honey holes I’ve discovered over the years, locally and through my travels. Below is a directory of my favorite vintage clothing and thrift stores that I have shopped in the past, and continue to frequent whenever I find myself in the area.  If you’re a vintage collector, I

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Murky Pink

I’m pretty sure I found this 1960s vintage pink top at Lucky Vintage in Seattle. The vintage black jacket is a thrift store find. The gold rings and zips were the selling point for me. I’m a sucker for gold hardware. I don’t wear much pink but I’m trying to branch out. This top is pretty without being too girly. I love the detailing down the front. I have paired

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Something Victorian

This Victorian lace collar is a recent eBay find. It’s a period bridal jabot tie collar that came from a New York estate with an extensive collection of historic textiles. I was sold on the ecru color as I find it easier to style than white lace. I love the embroidered tulle, Brussels lace edging, and original silky floral ribboning. I adore Edwardian design and clothing. It’s so beautifully designed

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A Thrift Tag

I saw this thrift tag going around and thought it could be an interesting way to reflect on my own thrift store behavior and experiences. Ninety percent of what I own is second hand sourced, not only from thrift stores but antique stores, curated vintage shops, online, hand me downs, etc. Vintage collectors have multiple sources and thrift stores have a strong shopping presence due to the constant turnover of

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How To Build A Vintage Wardrobe: Part II Vintage Jackets & Blazers

Adding vintage jackets or blazers to modern-day looks is an easy way to begin building a vintage wardrobe as they are necessary in life and plentiful in vintage clothing stores and thrift shops alike. Below are some suggestions for the types of jackets to consider as you flip through the racks. I encourage you to think outside the box and step outside your comfort zone. Then all of the wonderous

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80s Stage Jacket

This 1980’s vintage stage jacket is one of my favorite vintage scores. A couple of years ago I was roaming the Cambridge Antique Market in Boston and came across a vendor selling a rail of vintage stage and performance clothes. There were many interesting items and I settled on this black blazer with fringe and gold details. My heart skips a beat when I see fringe and this jacket is

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On A Llama

I had to title this post “on a llama” because that used to be the name of one of my favorite bands from Portland, OR in the late 90s and everytime I see a llama, a voice in my head says, On A Llama. Recently, my family came to visit and we took to the trails for a short walk in West Cornwall, CT with two llamas called Theo and

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Fringe Love

I had chance recently to do a little vintage shopping in Miami. I landed this 1970’s fringe dream from a wonderful vintage clothing boutique called Miami Twice. I loved their entire collection from high-end, designer vintage clothes and handbags to affordable statement pieces such as this long, fringe vest. Pieces this intricate don’t usually stand the test of time and are often found with snags and stains. This is in

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Roaming The English Countryside

Honestly, I barely scratched the surface on my trip to the English Countryside and have since added many more towns and villages to my bucket list. I managed to visit Bath, The Cotswolds, and Stonehenge this time around and came away truly touched by the deep history, tranquility, whimsy, and beauty of the countryside I was lucky to see. It was like being in the movies! The village of Lacock

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How To Build A Vintage Wardrobe: Part 1 Introduction

I’m excited to be starting this new series today on how to build a vintage wardrobe and tips for creating a unique style you can call your own by incorporating vintage finds into your everyday style. Over the next few months, I’ll offer styling ideas and examples while sharing some of my favorite finds and best scores over the years. This introduction is about where to begin to shop and

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