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Photo credit: Agnes Fohn

I picked up a couple of pairs of vintage cowboy boots in the last year and I have two pairs that I bought new several years ago.  I wouldn’t have said they were my style at all but I’ve been getting into them more and I enjoy the challenge of styling them with my current wardrobe.  

Photo credit: Agnes Fohn

A pair of vintage cowboy boots can look great with something new and modern such as jeans or a dress.  Similarly, a new pair of cowboy boots can be a perfect fit with your favorite vintage dress or bottoms.  

I got these cream and gold boots earlier this year at an indoor flea market for $25.  I didn’t have anything like this (or this color) in my shoe closet.  I’ve paired them here with a couple of things I bought last year on Black Friday.  The sequin jeans are Anthropologie and the floral blouse is from the Bloomingdales sale. 

I saw quite the selection of cowboy boots at Brimfield Flea a few weeks ago.

I found this vintage dress at Brimfield and knew the colors would match my boots perfectly.

I bought these gunmetal gray boots a few years ago at Nashville Cowboy downtown, Nashville.  I was pleased that they weren’t as expensive as a lot of cowboy boots on the market because it’s not something I want to spend a lot of money on.  I don’t wear them every day.  I’ve styled them with a very old (and tight) pair of DIY Levi’s I picked up at a Seattle thrift shop in 1998.

This is the 2nd pair I got at Nashville Cowboy.  I couldn’t decide between the two colors so I bought both.  I love the graphics on this pair.

I found this green pair at a vintage shop in San Francisco for $30.  I love the color and the fact that someone broke them in for me.  Here with my shredded vintage Lee jeans and lace bomber jacket that I got from Zara two years ago. 

I’m on the hunt for one more vintage and affordable pair that I want to cut and DIY as an ankle boot.  A red pair would be cool but until then, I’m satisfied with the gems I already own.

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