6 Days, No Jeans

My desire to not wear jeans prompted a challenge last week to reach into my closet and wear something, anything other than denim. I love jeans, especially black jeans but I’ve become a bit lazy and reliant on denim when dressing myself every day.

I’m also hyper-aware of the cost per wear as it pertains to clothing items I’ve spent money on that don’t get worn when I reach for the same things day after day. I aspire to be less wasteful and this week proved to be a good examination of cost per wear.

I enjoyed this challenge and in the coming weeks, I’m going to do it again with dresses and skirts. Until then, this is me, no denim in sight, for six days.


On Monday, I started out strong by dressing up a little although it was just a normal workday and I had nowhere special to go. I’m inclined to dress down dressier clothing items and hit a high/low styling note, however, these beautiful vintage Chinese pants demand to be dressed up. I bought them from Relic Vintage in San Francisco a few years back and haven’t worn them as much as I would like. The cream top is from a consignment store. It’s very pretty and a little snug on me so it doesn’t get the wear it deserves. I paired this outfit with satin heels that match the taupe shade in the pants. I’d like to find another option for footwear to go with these pants but on this day, I was satisfied.


On Tuesday, I pulled out these vintage (1990s) Dolce & Gabbana plum-colored velvet trousers. I love how slouchy they are and I think they look great with my Desperately Seeking Susan-inspired ankle boots. I remember buying the pants at Raspberry Beret in Cambridge, MA. They look very holiday and it is this type of clothing item that I love to dress for everyday wear. I’m wearing them today with an old graphic tattoo t-shirt and a little satin bomber jacket.


On Wednesday, I had a meeting. I was very pleased with this outfit for two reasons. 1. I’m happy any day that I’m in my comfy brogues and these pants are the perfect length. 2. I’ve come close to decluttering these vintage black lace pants several times because I was never happy with my attempts to style them until today. The mix of patterns and textures with the pants and double-breasted blazer is spot on and I’ll wear this outfit again and again. The blazer is BCBG Max Azria. I bought the brogues at a Paris pop-up shop for $30.


On Thursday, I experimented. I started with these vintage 1960s blue velvet pants that I found at Brimfield Flea Market last year or the year before. These pants call for a boot but I wouldn’t do black. A nude ankle boot would coordinate perfectly with the nude fabric within the pattern however, I only have nude stilettos at the moment so I went with those. I love this nude silk blouse although it totally washes me out. I piled on some vintage gold chains to break it up a little. Not exactly how I would style these pants next time but still, no jeans on this day.


On Friday, I had the urge to wear these dope Free People wide-leg tweed trousers. I love the silhouette. There are a lot of different colored threads running through the fabric of the pants and could be paired with many things but I went with a plain white dress shirt. It’s a vintage 1980s thrift store find. It had shoulder pads when I bought it but I cut them out. It looks like a Ralph Lauren shirt but it isn’t. Still, I like the embroidery and design on the front.


On Saturday, I nailed my favorite outfit of the week. For comfort and style, I couldn’t have been more pleased. When does one get the chance to wear vintage purple velvet leggings? These 1980s leggings are glam rock glorious. I bought them at The End vintage clothing store when I popped in on my way to Joshua Tree National Park. The store is a little oasis in the desert and I have two things from there. I wore them this Saturday with Zara platform suede boots and a vintage jacket.

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