7 Deadly Sins of Beauty Tag


1. Greed
What is your most expensive beauty item?  My most expensive beauty product has to be my Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate which I talked about in my October Favorites.  It cost $75.  It’s a beautiful, product!  Also, my GHD straightener which I think I got on sale for $160.

What is your least expensive beauty item?  ESSENCE Gel Eyeliner.  It’s a drugstore bargain at $3.99.  Goes on smooth and doesn’t budge.

2.  Wrath
What beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with?  Primers.  I often like the finished result when I use a primer but with so many other layers: serum, moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation, I feel compelled to skip this step.

3.  Gluttony 
What are your most delicious beauty products?  Although I don’t actually eat it, the S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer by TIGI, a defrizzing and moisturizing leave in conditioner that smells of strawberries and cream.  I want to lick my fingers every time I use it.

Loose pigment shadows

4.  Sloth
What beauty product do you neglect due to laziness?  Loose pigment eye shadows and glitters.  I have some beautiful pigments from Becca, Inglot and others.  Unless, I really plan to use them and put them out in advance, I can’t seem to be bothered.

5.  Pride
What beauty product gives you the most self confidence?  Concealer.  I stay up late and can’t leave the house without concealer.  NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer is my favorite.  I use the shade Custard.

6.  Lust 
What attributes do you find most attractive in people?  The eyes.  They’re the window to one’s soul after all.

7.  Envy
What items do you most like to receive as a gift?  Perfume.  I only buy perfume for myself about once a year so I love to receive it as a gift.

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