A New Orleans Vintage Gem

Bambi Deville vintage
Bambi Deville vintage

New Orleans has long been one of my favorite cities and I seize any opportunity to visit. Over the years, I’ve developed a kind of routine of favorite spots that I hit each time I blow into town. Bambi Deville Vintage is always on the list. Located on the 2nd floor of a house in the French Quarter, it’s easy to find. The storefront doesn’t give an accurate impression of the beautiful things inside. Her collections of vintage clothing, jewelry, and handbags are amazing and well curated. The store is a dream to visit for vintage lovers.

On my most recent trip, I spotted this beaded jacket displayed on the wall. I’m like a magpie when it comes to these types of beaded tops and jackets. I have a collection of them (many thrifted, others from vintage sellers). The more detailed, the more likely they are to be thrashed and unwearable when you find them in the shops. You can imagine decades of party wear can really do a number on sequins and beads.

Bambi Deville vintage

I would prefer to style this jacket with straight leg jeans but I wanted to wear it on this day and all I had with me were these black Good American skinny jeans and Topshop metallic boots.

I’m pretty particular with what I buy when it comes to items this fragile and condition is everything. There were a few loose sequins on the shoulder which were easy enough to secure with a needle and thread.

The downside to owning specialty pieces like this is they are hard to travel with. The friction in your suitcase can easily tear off beads and sequins if not packed with care. Sometimes, I’ll risk it if I’m packing for an event but most of the time, I save these delights for my hometown.

Bambi Deville Vintage

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