A Quick & Fun Decluttering Challenge

Inspired by the Messy Minimalist’s Clutter-free Christmas Challenge, I spent my Sunday decluttering items from her creative 10 categories. This challenge can be done once as a quick and fun way to rid yourself of a minimum of 10 items or continued throughout the month of December and beyond.

The 10 categories are listed below. In just one day, I got rid of 19 items because I found multiples in a few of the categories.

I’ll definitely do this again. I like how it challenged me to identify things that I no longer value in a different way.

Jewelry / Accessories

decluttering one in one out rule

OUT: I love the idea of this snake ring but it’s very cheap and badly tarnished. I’m bothered every time I wear it. It’s time to upgrade and I don’t mind taking my time to find an eventual replacement but for now, I’m saying good-bye.


decluttering one in one out rule

OUT: I’m decluttering two pairs of pants in this category. The first is this pair of cotton trousers that I bought years ago originally to wear on a beach vacation, then demoted to pajama bottoms. They are tattered and need to go.


Also this pair. I think athleisure is on its way out. At least for me, it is. Unfortunately, I didn’t get much wear out of these. They were a little too long, thus requiring heels, and I didn’t love the fabric. They won’t be missed.

Hygiene or Makeup

OUT: While I love this Tiffany-blue nail polish, especially on my toes, it necessitates three coats. No one has time for that.

decluttering knick knacks


OUT: Funny thing about this knick-knack. I own two. I have a set of old sailors carved from wood, and somehow along the way, I ended up with two of this guy. I’m keeping the larger set and donating this duplicate.

Actual Trash

OUT: Two rogue plastic lids from the kitchen.

Kitchen Item

decluttering your kitchen

OUT: I spent some quality time in the kitchen for this challenge and feel pretty good about lightening my load a little bit. I got rid of three things in this category. This blender bottle that I no longer use, and two glasses that I’m passing on because I have other cocktail glasses that I prefer.

Useless Item

decluttering paper books kon Mari

OUT: This vintage Playboy magazine is 100% useless to me. Many, many years ago a friend working at a used bookstore gave it to me because it is my birthday month and year. It’s floated around with me as a kind of collectible that served no purpose. I put it up on eBay and sold it for $15! Someone else found value in it and I got a little pocket money.

Something Annoying

OUT: Another clothing item for this category because it’s exactly how I would describe this top. Annoying. It’s either a very short dress or a long top and for my height, I could never make it work as a top. It also calls for a strapless bra which I loathe. While I love the navy and black velvet fabric, I get annoyed just looking at this in my closet and I’m happy to see it go to a better home.

Something Homeless

OUT: Since I’ve been on my mission to declutter for a couple of years now, I’ve done a pretty good job at finding homes for things and don’t have too much clutter just floating around the house. Still, in addition to lip balms and hand lotion in every room, I have nail files and cleaning cloths for my glasses always laying around. This cloth has seen better days and this file is actually terrible at filing nails.

“Fantasy Self” Item

decluttering kitchen items

OUT: I will admit, I have many fantasy lives. One is that I am someone who throws tea parties. But, I don’t. For this category, I’m donating five teacups and saucers that I certainly do not need. I have a couple of sets that I’m going to keep, one belonging to my grandmother, should I decide to serve more tea. I’m decluttering these random, albeit beautiful, teacups and saucers for someone else to enjoy.

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