A Thrift Tag

I saw this thrift tag going around and thought it could be an interesting way to reflect on my own thrift store behavior and experiences. Ninety percent of what I own is second hand sourced, not only from thrift stores but antique stores, curated vintage shops, online, hand me downs, etc. Vintage collectors have multiple sources and thrift stores have a strong shopping presence due to the constant turnover of inventory and rock bottom prices.

I’m willing to pay up for really special items not usually found in a thrift store but I do love the hunt for treasures and anticipation that accompanies a day of thrifting.

While thrift stores are a great place to find discounted contemporary clothing, furniture, and housewares, I only look for vintage. It’s where my style and aesthetic lie.

To the questions…

1. What is the most expensive item you have thrifted?

It would be this vintage, black wool coat with fur trim hood and sleeves. I bought it two winters ago at Goodwill for $80. I feel like I should be singing Christmas carols door to door when I wear it but it’s gorgeous and very, very warm.

2. What is your thrifted staple piece?

It might be the vintage jars I’ve collected over the years from thrift shops and junk stores. They literally hold my staples, and since I cook every day, they are of value. Some I have had for thirty years.

3. What is your tackiest thrift find (that you love)?

I bought this rat made of rope from Savers several years ago and I absolutely love it. He was $2.

4. What is your latest thrift find?

A couple of things. I picked up this very old ceramic pitcher from Red, White and Blue Thrift last month for $4 to use as a watering can for my houseplants.

I found this floor-length, vintage, navy wool coat at a thrift store in Rhode Island in March. It was $12 and I think it’s beautiful.

5. What is your favorite thrift find currently?

It may be this reproduction print I found years ago. It hangs above my bed and everyday I’m reminded how much I love it.

6. Where do you thrift most?

Red, White, and Blue Thrift is my favorite thrift store. They have 21 locations and I’m happy one of them is in my state.

7. What was your biggest bargain?

Definitely thrifted silver and copper. Most people walk past these metal goods because of the polishing and special care they require. They are priced to sell in thrift stores at a fraction of the price you would see in antique stores.

8. What is your go-to thrifted accessory?

A cross body bag. I always want to be hands-free.

9. What is your go-to section at the thrift store?

I begin in housewares, then I check the art section, and finally, move into clothes.

10. What is one tip for first time thrift shoppers?

I’ll offer a few tips. Take it slow, browse all sections, and bring wet wipes.

11. When did you first start thrifting?

Around age 21, primarily for cheap clothes and to furnish and decorate my first apartments.

12. Create an all thrift outfit that describes your personality/style.

This all-thrifted outfit is a good depiction of my day to day style.

Vintage Levi 501’s that I cropped myself. I live in denim.

Boots from a London thrift store. I don’t wear heels when I’m really on the move.

Vintage AC/DC t-shirt from Goodwill. As much as I love pretty and sometimes complicated clothing, I’m most comfortable in a graphic tee. I own more than I need and I never pay retail. There is an abundance of super cool graphic tees to be found at thrift stores.

A vintage, beaded trophy jacket. If there is one type of vintage clothing that I buy over and over again, it would be beaded trophy jackets. I’m like a magpie when it comes to sparkly clothes and this type of jacket does all the work for me by pulling my outfit together.

13. What is your favorite brand to thrift?

I have a few things I’m always on the lookout for. Vintage Levis, Irish linen, Limoges china, and vintage cast iron.

14. What are you currently on the hunt for?

I’ve been searching for a vintage prairie skirt from the 70s. I’ve found a couple of possibilities on eBay and Etsy but I’m checking thrift stores as well. I’m also on the hunt for large planters for my plants. I refuse to pay garden store prices.

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