Best Red Lipsticks

One of the quickest and easiest ways to wake up the face and pull a look together, regardless of what you’re wearing, is to put on a red lip. That and the fact that red lipstick never goes out of style.  These are my Top 6 favorite red lipsticks in no particular order.  All of them have a few things in common.  All have a satin finish, none are matte.  Matte lipsticks just don’t work for me.  All are comfortable to wear and non-drying on the lips.  I also prefer blue-based shades which make the teeth look whiter.  Yellow-based lipsticks have a yellowing effect on the teeth.  It’s something to keep in mind when choosing reds and it’s always a good idea to sample red shades in the store when you can.

The original ad for Fire and Ice from 1952 featuring model Dorian Leigh.

1.  Revlon Fire & Ice – Created in 1952, this bright tomato-red lipstick shade is still sold today.  It instantly makes me look alive.  It’s been a favorite of mine for years.  Available in drugstores everywhere. 

2. MAC Brick-o-la – A brick red shade as the name suggests and a good alternative to bright reds.  Available at MAC

3. Rouge Dior 999 Red – Rouge Dior lipsticks have been around since 1955 and are known for their classic reds.  This shade reminds me of a crayon as it’s a real red.  Available at department stores

4. Tom Ford Cherry Lush – A perfect example of a blue-based red.  It’s exquisite.  Available at department stores

5. 1935 Beseme – A replica of a vintage cherry red shade from 1935.  Not only is the color range of Beseme lipsticks divine, but they are also incredibly comfortable to wear.  Their formulas contain squalane, vitamin C, and aloe.  Available at Sephora.

6. Revlon Cherries In The Snow – Brothers Charles and Joseph Revson and chemist, Charles Lachman (the ‘L’ in Revlon) created a nail polish during the Great Depression and Revlon was born.  Later, their marketing plan focused on matching lipsticks and nail polish (“lips and tips”).  In 1953, Cherries In The Snow was released as a set and both are still sold today.  It’s a blue-based, bright pink-red shade and perfectly named.  I have also read that this was Sylvia Plath’s favorite lipstick.  Available at drugstores

Do you have a favorite red lipstick?

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