Black & Blue Sequins

Vintage sequin tops such as this black and blue sequin number are bountiful in thrift shops and vintage clothing stores and are often very affordable. It’s a perfect entry into building your vintage wardrobe.

vintage black and blue sequin top

Black and blue sequin polka dots

These vintage sequin tops from the 60s, 70s, and 80s are one of my favorite things to search for whenever I’m in a thrift shop or vintage clothing shop. They are often very inexpensive. I always check the quality carefully. Fragile clothing such as this can get trashed in thrift stores but I have found some in perfect condition. A vintage clothing store will have better quality control and still be just as affordable.

I found this black and blue number at a vintage shop. It’s from the 80s. It came with shoulder pads but I cut them out. I don’t always remove shoulder pads from vintage clothing. It depends on the garment and the fit. It made sense to remove them from this top so I can easily wear it under a jacket like I have done here with this vintage black jacket I found in a vintage shop in Las Vegas. I love the silver hardware and the sateen finish.

I highly approve of wearing sequins in the daytime. If I’m feeling blah, a little bit of shimmer instantly lifts my mood and spirit. I encourage you to try it.

vintage sequin top vintage jacket with metal hardware
vintage jacket + vintage sequin top
vintage sequin top
vintage black and blue sequin top
black and blue sequin vintage

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