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Decluttering Cookbooks: 157 Cookbooks In My Library

Sheltering in place means more time to cook and bake at home. I rediscovered a few amazing cookbooks and decluttered some cookbooks as well for someone else to enjoy. Three months into the year and I have been doing a lot of cooking and baking as I work my way through my cookbook collection. I started the year with 162 cookbooks in my library. Down from 219 when I started

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13 Best Exfoliating Toners & Scrubs

My best, tried and true, anti-aging acid exfoliating toners and physical scrubs for daytime and nighttime use, and for all skin types. As an exfoliation warrior, I have experimented with a wide range of exfoliating products from mild to extreme.  I rotate both physical scrubs and acid exfoliators into my routine on a regular basis.  I don’t prefer one over the other but like them both for different reasons.  Both

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Seven Magic Mountains & Bright Vintage Sequins

The LA Times called these rock formations, titled Seven Magic Mountains, a “kind of psychedelic Stonehenge,” and serve as a modern-day totem to our Instagram age. A recent visit to Las Vegas included a road-side photo op by these Insta-worthy fluorescent rocks south of Las Vegas. The sculptures, called Seven Magic Mountains, and created over a five year period by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone, are an absolute contrast to the

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What I Got At Brimfield Flea & Declutter (One In, One Out Rule)

I look forward to going to Brimfield Flea Market in Massachusetts every year. I went to the show in May but skipped the July show. It was just too hot so I was filled with anticipation getting ready for last weeks show and the final one of the year. I took some photos of some of the marvelous things I saw but didn’t buy. I didn’t buy any housewares or

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How To Build A Vintage Wardrobe: Part 1 Introduction

I’m excited to be starting this new series today on how to build a vintage wardrobe and tips for creating a unique style you can call your own by incorporating vintage finds into your everyday style. Over the next few months, I’ll offer styling ideas and examples while sharing some of my favorite finds and best scores over the years. This introduction is about where to begin to shop and

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The List

Lipstick: MAC lipstick in Brick-O-La. Must Have Product: High SPF sunscreen My Grandmother Style Influencer: My grandmother, Mimi.  I learned manners, how to properly set a table, to love costume jewelry, to surround myself with beautiful things, and to always make an effort in my home and appearance.  She lived like a lady and enjoyed the finer things in life. Indulgence: Croissants.   Soda: Dr. Pepper or Root Beer when

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Vintage Blue

After years of wearing skinny jeans, low rise jeans, and mid-rise jeans, it feels great to get back into a pair of old-school denim jeans. I found these vintage Lee jeans last year at Brimfield Flea. I love the quality of the thick, heavy cotton denim, and the comfort of the high waist and full leg. I love my skinny jeans yet whenever I slip on this pair, I’m reminded

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5 Best Sunscreens

My favorite sunscreens in no particular order.  Many of these have been in my rotation for years because they meet all of my criteria for an SPF for the face.  1.  High percentage of SPF (30 minimum).  2.  Works great under make-up.  3.  Doesn’t seep into my eyes.  4.  Broad Spectrum, protects against UVA and UVB rays. Kiehl’s Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+ – A longtime favorite.  Light in

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Retro Menswear

 My uniform as of late: retro menswear.  This 90’s Mondo dress shirt, found at the thrift store, is easy to style with jeans and boots.  I love that I can skip the accessories especially when I’m in a hurry because all the detail and sparkle is provided in the shirt.  Worn here with H&M and Zara jeans along with one of my best thrift store finds ever, these Y-3 Adidas boots

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