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Decluttering Cookbooks: 146 Cookbooks In My Library

Decluttering my cookbook library while gobbling up Brussel sprouts, Blackberry Buckle, and the best Noodles Romanoff casserole I’ve ever eaten. Quarantine continues to serve as a great motivator when it comes to my cookbook challenge to edit my vast cookbook library and declutter recipe books that no longer interest or inspire me, or don’t perform the way they should. As of today, I have decluttered 73 cookbooks from my library

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Decluttering Cookbooks: 151 Cookbooks In My Library

Editing and decluttering my cookbook library while baking a lot of sourdough bread, Belgian waffles, and cinnamon rolls to die for. Nearly three years in, I’m at least 70% of the way through my cookbook challenge to make at least two recipes from every cookbook that I own. My cookbook library now stands at 151 cookbooks, down from 219 when I began this project in 2018. While I have been

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Decluttering Cookbooks: 152 Cookbooks In My Library

Quarantine panic baking, decluttering my cookbook collection, and eating a lot of carbs during these stressful and uncertain times. We are living in some very dark times. There is a lot of pain in the world right now. When I feel anxious, I eat. I’ve been baking quite a bit and I’m at least 70% of the way through my cookbook challenge to prepare at least two recipes from every

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Decluttering Cookbooks: 154 Cookbooks In My Library

Sheltering in place, decluttering my cookbook library, and making a lot of sourdough bread with a 150-year-old sourdough starter. Like most people in quarantine around the world, I have been doing a lot of cooking and baking. This time at home has provided me with an opportunity to dedicate energy toward my project of cooking recipes from every cookbook that I own and then deciding whether or not I should

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Decluttering Cookbooks: 157 Cookbooks In My Library

Sheltering in place means more time to cook and bake at home. I rediscovered a few amazing cookbooks and decluttered some cookbooks as well for someone else to enjoy. Three months into the year and I have been doing a lot of cooking and baking as I work my way through my cookbook collection. I started the year with 162 cookbooks in my library. Down from 219 when I started

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Decluttering Cookbooks: 162 Cookbooks In My Library

My Cookbook Challenge enters its third year. I begin 2020 with 162 cookbooks. Which ones will I keep and which ones will I declutter moving forward? It’s taken two full years now to declutter my enormous cookbook library and it’s about 60% complete. My enthusiasm for cooking usually wanes in the heat of the summer. I can’t bear to turn on the oven and live off of fruit, yogurt, and

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Decluttering Cookbooks: 168 Cookbooks In My Library

A year and a half into my journey to declutter my cookbook library. I began at 219 cookbooks and I’m down to 168 today. I hope you will follow along. This past spring was crazy busy and I didn’t get to focus on my cookbook challenge as much as I would have liked. However, I did manage to try several new recipes, repeats, and ultimately declutter four cookbooks in my

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Decluttering Cookbooks: 172 Cookbooks In My Library

My challenge to make a minimum of two recipes from every cookbook I own and decide whether or not to keep it continues with 172 cookbooks to go. I did quite a bit of cooking these past winter months, baked a lot of bread and made plenty of soup. I’ve decluttered 18 cookbooks so far this year and now I am down to owning 172 cookbooks. There have been several

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Decluttering Cookbooks: 190 Cookbooks In My Library

Introduction to my journey to declutter my vast cookbook library by cooking a minimum of two recipes from every cookbook that I own. When I moved apartments at the end of 2017, I counted all of my cookbooks and was surprised (not surprised) that I owned 219 cookbooks. Wanting to possess only cookbooks to be used and cherished, and not wanting to move that many cookbooks ever again, I presented

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