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Best Red Lipsticks

Best red lipsticks ranging from the iconic, “Fire and Ice” from Revlon to more recent brands such as Besame bringing back vintage reds. One of the quickest and easiest ways to wake up the face and pull a look together, regardless of what you’re wearing, is to put on a red lip. Red lipstick never goes out of style.   These are my favorite red lipsticks in no particular order.

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Best Nail Care, Polishes & Treatments

Quality nail polish brands, the best top coat, and nail treatments for healthy nails for at-home nail care enthusiasts. Full disclosure. I do not have long glorious nails. I tend to pick at them when I’m stressed or nervous. However, I like to wear rings so I try to make a conscientious effort to leave them alone and implement a basic nail care regimen. I rarely submit myself to gel

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Makeup Favorites – July 2020

Some of my favorites in my current summer makeup routine include a buttery bronzer, a new mascara, and BB cream for glowing skin plus sun protection. It’s hot and we’re stuck at home but I do try to make an effort a couple of times a week. In the summer heat, I’m loathed to put on foundation so I reach for BB creams or tinted sunscreens with built-in SPF. No-fuss,

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Best Foundations For Dry Skin

Tried and true, best foundations for dry skin that give a satin or luminous finish without caking or settling into fine lines. As I go down the path of life, I try to avoid full coverage or powder foundations on my dry skin and choose instead to reach for creamy liquid formulations that give flawless texture and luminosity to the skin. Foundations that cake, oxidize or settle into fine lines

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Eyeshadow Palette Q&A

I’ve been watching the eyeshadow palette tag videos created by Samantha March and Allie Glines and felt inspired to audit my own stash. At the beginning of 2019, I embarked on a low-buy year purchasing replacements only of bath and beauty products as a means of using up the product inventory I had on hand. When in came to makeup, I bought items once I ran out such as mascara

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Hall of Fame: Best Eyeliners

The best eyeliners in liquid, gel, and pencil formulations that will last the longest and best color selection for you to choose from. My favorite eyeliner formulations and shades must meet my criteria: be creamy and richly pigmented, apply very smoothly, don’t tug on the eyes, and last all day. Best Color Selection Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils – I love these pencils and have the purple, green, blue, and

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Spring Makeup Favorites – May 2020

Some of the things I love in my current spring makeup routine including some very old favorites as well as a couple of new discoveries. My spring makeup declutter continues. I have tossed dried up eyeliners, lipsticks in shades that I will never wear, and a couple of eyeshadow palettes that were well past their expiration dates. My makeup drawer is looking clean and organized, and I rediscovered a few

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5 Best Eye Shadow Primers

Does your eye shadow crease by the time you walk into school or work? Keep your eye makeup locked in place with one of these five eye shadow primers. Using a primer under eye shadow will help your eye makeup last all day or night ensuring that your makeup looks more polished and professional. Top 5 Eye Shadow Primers Urban Decay Primer Potion – A long time favorite, creamy and

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Spring Makeup Favorites – March 2020

I imagine most of us aren’t wearing much makeup these days, however, I still need to make the occasional grocery run. These are some of the things I love in my current spring makeup routine. I’ve taken this opportunity at home to declutter some old makeup. In the process, I have rediscovered some things I had forgotten about. I also bought a few new items last month and I pulled

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14 Best Lip Balms & Treatments

Lip balm addicts unite. There is no shortage of terrific lip balms on the market. It’s probably the beauty product I consume the most. Here are my tried and true favorite lip balms and treatments that I repurchase and recommend. Best Lip Balms & Treatments LA MER, The Lip Balm – I’m reluctant to recommend this due to its eye-popping price tag but I have to admit, it’s incredible.  There

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