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Recreating Princess Diana’s Outfits

Princess Diana was able to communicate through clothes like no one else. Her style was always classic and impeccable. Her outfits were truly iconic. We find fashion inspiration and styling ideas all around us in films, photography books, fashion magazines, and amongst billions of online images. I was up late one-night scrolling through images of Princess Diana and decided to challenge myself to recreate some of her outfits from clothes

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Vintage Yellow Ruffled Blouse

This pretty and feminine ruffled blouse is a vintage find from last year’s A Current Affair vintage exhibition in Brooklyn, New York. Last week, I took my first trip to the Pacific Northwest to visit family since the pandemic began. I hadn’t realized how bored I was isolated in my apartment these past four months and just how much I missed my friends and family. I’m grateful to have this

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Collecting Vintage Decor & Accents

Some of the things I look for when roaming yard sales and thrift stores for unique vintage decor to incorporate into my collection. Decorating with quasi-one of a kind vintage finds gives my space the sense of creative individuality that I strive for when decorating. Not only do I enjoy the experience and process of hunting for decorative treasures, but when I get something at a bargain price to boot,

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Vintage Hat & Blazer On The Last Cool Day Before The Summer Heat

I took one of my favorite outfits comprising of this vintage hat and blazer for a final spin on the last cool day before the summer heat arrived. We’re in it now. It’s hot and humid in New England. I mourn cozy fabrics and layers that are now put on hold until fall. I’ve been styling up some outfits for the next few weeks. Summer is my least favorite season.

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Road Trippin’: A Guide to Vintage Clothing Stores

A guide to some of the best vintage clothing stores that I have discovered throughout the United States and a few in Europe. Updated June 2020 Aside from eBay, Etsy, and the occasional vintage clothing fair, I source most of my vintage clothing finds from the honey holes I’ve discovered over the years, locally and through my travels. Below is a directory of my favorite vintage clothing and thrift stores that

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10 Essentials For A Killer Vintage Wardrobe

Looking to incorporate vintage pieces into your look but don’t know where to start? Here are ten essentials every vintage collector has in their closet. Whether you are just beginning your journey into vintage clothing or you’re well on your way and wondering which vintage pieces you should look for as you browse vintage stores or online, here is a guideline of closet essentials from a 25-year vintage collector. 1.

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Vintage Metallic Red Leather Jacket

Normally, we would be in the height of flea market season right about now where one could score such things as this vintage red leather jacket. This week would have been the Brimfield Flea Market Spring 2020 show and the main event that kicks off the flea market season for me and thousands of others. As with all events, it’s canceled. The July show is still on the calendar but

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Wardrobe Management Tips & Tricks

Wardrobe management tips and tricks to help make your closet more functional, organized, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Is your closet an anxiety-inducing cluttered mess? Do you have enough clothes to open a small boutique yet feel you have nothing to wear? Have you forgotten what you own? Do you have a few go-to outfits for work or a special event ready at a moment’s notice? Whether you’re a

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Seven Magic Mountains & Bright Vintage Sequins

The LA Times called these rock formations, titled Seven Magic Mountains, a “kind of psychedelic Stonehenge,” and serve as a modern-day totem to our Instagram age. A recent visit to Las Vegas included a road-side photo op by these Insta-worthy fluorescent rocks south of Las Vegas. The sculptures, called Seven Magic Mountains, and created over a five year period by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone, are an absolute contrast to the

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Shopping My Vintage Wardrobe for AW19 Fashion Trends: Capes & Coats

To keep warm this winter, I show you examples of how I shopped my own vintage wardrobe for AW19 fashion trends for Capes and Coats. I saved this final installment of my five-part series where I shop my own vintage wardrobe for AW19 fashion trends until winter was in full force. I probably own as many coats, capes, and blazers as I do tops. They are a real obsession. A

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