Charlie’s Angels Retrospective

My sisters and I used to play Charlie’s Angels when we were kids. There were three of them, and three of us. These adventures began in our Dad’s basement office where we concocted a possible crime, then set out into the neighborhood to investigate and search for clues. Some of my best childhood memories consist of the endless role-playing games between my sisters and me. We played “office”, “store”, “doctor” but tearing through the neighborhood gathering “evidence” to solve “crimes” was always a blast.

Obviously, we were huge fans of the TV show. That’s what popped into my head when I spotted this vintage 1970s skirt at Brimfield Flea Market last year. I can’t remember what I paid for it but it wasn’t much, $20 or less. I love the pleating, maxi length, and color story. I also like the fact that I can pair it with gold, silver or black accessories.

I imagine it in Kelly Garrett’s wardrobe aka Jaclyn Smith. It’s a gorgeous example of 1970s work attire and/or cocktail party.

It came with a belt but I don’t care for clothing tight around my waist and prefer a more oversized and slouchy look. I tried it here with two different tops; a dressier one from COS, and an old sweater from Topshop.

The ’70s is a favorite decade of mine when searching for vintage clothing. I’m pretty happy about this flea market find.

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