Closet Clear Out Using The One In, One Out Rule Part III

Vintage French quilted jacket closet declutter
Vintage French bomber jacket

Buying new things to elevate your style? Clear out your closet at the same time using the One In, One Out Rule and declutter items that no longer suit you.

Whenever I make a thoughtful purchase of clothes, shoes, or accessories that I feel fills a hole in my wardrobe or will help elevate outfits and looks, I declutter at least one item from my wardrobe in that category. As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts on this topic, this rule applied every time results in a curated, well-loved, and well-worn wardrobe whether you are a clothes horse like myself or a more capsule wardrobe type.

These are some new things I purchased over the last six months along with some styling tips to keep in mind while deciding what to purge. In total, I bought 9 new items and decluttered 17. It feels good.

In with the new, out with the old

vintage French bomber jacket
Great eBay purchase, love the detail

New In: I bought this vintage French quilted jacket and matching skirt on eBay last summer during a phase to expand my horizons into pink clothing. I love the little details. The jacket looks great with blue jeans and I wear it all the time. Outfits incorporating the skirt are still in the works.

closet clear out
closet clear out

Out: I decluttered four-round neck tops in place of the vintage French skirt and jacket. Over the last couple of years, I’ve been slowly getting rid of round neck tops as I think they can age a woman. I was ready to pass these on as they no longer flatter me. Look at old pieces in your wardrobe with fresh eyes and ask if they still suit you and do you feel your best when wearing them.

closet declutter zara
closet declutter
Garbage, too much pilling
Levi's Wedgie Crop
Levi’s Straight Leg Crop + Misguided navy boots

New In: I bought a new pair of Levi’s straight leg jeans earlier this year. My wardrobe was short on straight leg cut denim and I knew I could get a lot of wear out of these. I went for the crop since I have several vintage Levi 501’s that are long. I also purchased these blue patent leather boots from Misguided.

Levi's 501 one in one out

Out: It may be surprising but in place of my new Levi’s straight leg jeans, I decluttered these two pairs of older 501’s. These aren’t vintage. The tag notes that they were made in Mexico, therefore, they are post-2002 when the last 501 factory closed in San Francisco. I loved the wash but they were very baggy in the crotch and ultimately unflattering. Be honest with yourself in the mirror. If the fit is less than perfect, and the item doesn’t make you feel amazing, pass it on.

closet declutter

Out: I loved these boots and it was a sad day letting them go but the seam was coming undone in the back. A cobbler can sew them but in my view not to perfection so I’m saying good-bye. Side note, I climbed 127 steps to the top of Blarney Castle in Ireland wearing these boots so we’ll always have that memory. When considering spending money on repairs or alterations, ask yourself if it’s really worth the extra investment. After repairs, will you keep it another five-plus years?

vintage rabbit fur coat
Vintage fur coat NWT

New In: I’m antique shopping with my brother and we stumble across this vintage fur coat new with tags. The shop was having a 40% off sale and I got it for $36. It’s very warm and I’ll have it for years to come.

vintage fur coat
Wearing it out for sushi on a cold Las Vegas winter night.
vintage wool coat

Out: It was time to part with this exceptionally warm wool coat that got me through many cold winters. I have a lot of winter coats and found myself reaching for this one less and less. Edit winter coats every season and pass on ones you no longer wear. Let them keep someone else warm.

Clear out accessories too

1960s vintage necklace
1960’s vintage necklace

New In: I picked up two new pieces of jewelry from an amazing vintage shop in the Las Vegas Art District called Petina Decor. One was this 1960’s gold and rhinestone necklace. I love the mod-design.

vingage gold necklace

Out: I was putting together some outfits with this vintage gold necklace when I dropped it on the floor and broke it. I could have cried. Discard broken costume jewelry. You will never get it repaired.

Vintage 1960s bracelet
1960’s vintage bracelet

New In: The other piece I got from Petina Decor is this stunning 1960’s bracelet. I don’t have anything else like this in my jewelry box. Gorgeous.

fedora declutter

Out: I didn’t have another piece of jewelry to declutter at the time so I chose another accessory and donated this hat that was a little too tight on my head and I have other hats that I reach for. Edit multiples and only keep what you involuntarily reach for over and over again.

Zara platform boots
Zara platform boots

New In: I love platforms of all kinds: boots, shoes, sandals, Doc Martens, all of them. They give me height, and they’re easy to walk in. I picked up these from Zara last fall.

closet declutter

Out: I consigned two pairs of platform heels. These booties are sky high and I’ve kept them around to wear with some very long garments, however, I have other heels with more ankle support thus easier to walk in. Don’t teeter in heels. Find a heel height in which you can take long, even strides.

closet clear out

Out: The other pair I let go was a pair of out-dated, kneehigh boots lurking at the bottom of the closet. Keep your wardrobe fresh and modern by updating shoes and denim regularly.

Black denim edit

Ralph Lauren black and red skinny jeans
Ralph Lauren skinny jeans

New In: I bought these Ralph Lauren high-waisted, black skinny jeans on Black Friday. The red leather stripe is fire.

closet declutter

Out: I have a lot of black jeans and the pile was long overdue for an edit and declutter. I’m pleased with myself for parting with five pairs of black jeans after I bought the Ralph Lauren skinny jeans. Jeans should be more than just pants one wears. The fit and silhouette is important. For me, jeans must elongate the leg and body, fit over the bum, be mid to high rise, and fit just right in the crotch; neither tight nor baggy. These jeans no longer met those criteria for one reason or another. Set fit rules for yourself and don’t keep clothing that doesn’t flatter your figure.

closet declutter one in one out

Out: I literally wore these Zara moto jeans out leaving the seams to stretch and unravel. I hate to see them go but the cost per wear was probably down to 2 cents. It’s hard to part with our favorites but don’t keep damaged or threadbare clothing.

closet declutter
closet declutter

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