Collecting Vintage Decor & Accents
This metal buzzard made me smile when I saw it and still does. I like sculptures and have several made of metal, cast iron, and paper mache. I paid $15.

Some of the things I look for when roaming yard sales and thrift stores for unique vintage decor to incorporate into my collection.

Decorating with quasi-one of a kind vintage finds gives my space the sense of creative individuality that I strive for when decorating. Not only do I enjoy the experience and process of hunting for decorative treasures, but when I get something at a bargain price to boot, I’m over the moon.

These are some of my favorite thrift stores and yard sale finds. Thrift stores and yard sales are where you will find the best deals and prices. Antique stores and vintage home stores are fun to shop as well but you will expect to pay a little more since the inventory is curated.

Yard Sale Finds

yard sale finds old lead window vintage decor
old lead window

I found this old window several years ago while hitting yard sales one Saturday with my sister. She wanted it too but I saw it first. I paid $20 and use it as a decoration in my plant room.

old lead window yard sale finds
yard sale find vintage saw hand tools
$1 yard sale wall art

I love the craftsmanship on the handle of this vintage saw I found at a yard sale for $1. Beautiful.

Thrifted Decor

thrift store decor accents
Pet rat from Value Village

This is an example of the wonderfully quirky things I find thrifting and just cannot pass up. This rat, made of jute, was $2 and sits atop my bookcase.

thrift store finds vintage cutting boards
vintage cutting board

Many years ago, I picked up this cutting board at Savers for $3. Always check the “wood” section for vintage cutting boards if, like me, you can’t pass them up.

vintage coffee urn vintage decor
antique coffee urn

This antique coffee urn was a Goodwill find for $10. I was going to use it as a vase for fresh flowers but the spout isn’t completely drip-free so I use it to hold metal flowers year-round.

antique and vintage silver thrift store finds vintage decor
antique silver

You never have to pay full boat retail for antique silver. Thrift shops are teeming with vintage silver, brass, and copper decor. I got these heavy trays at Red, White, and Blue Thrift with an additional 50% off sticker. Most people don’t want to bother with the upkeep on antique metals thus they are often priced to move in thrift shops.

Old Relics

vintage decor church relics
vintage altarpiece

My obsession with old church relics goes back twenty years. I found this altarpiece at a roadside shop in Connecticut. The owner had just got it in-store and it was sitting on the counter. I asked how much, and was elated when he told me $10.

tapestry vintage church decor

This gorgeous, hand-embroidered, church wall tapestry is one of my favorite thrift store finds. I bought it from an AMVETS thrift store for only $10.

vintage dollhouse church handcrafted decor

This church dollhouse is the most expensive thing I’ve ever purchased at a thrift store. Another roadside thrift store in Connecticut had in stock several handcrafted dollhouses donated from an estate to be sold as a fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club. The man who made this one and the other dollhouses was a genuine artist. I was happy to pay $100 for the craftsmanship and for a good cause. I have a string of battery operated lights inside and use it as a kind of nightlight sometimes.

vintage dollhouse hand crafted decor

What kind of decor do you look for at yard sales and thrift stores?

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