Current A.M. & P.M. Skincare Routine – April 2019

Step 1: Cleanse

Pixi Peel & Polish – I like this fresh and fruity physical exfoliator. It wakes up my skin in the morning. Pixi is also available at Target.

Step 2: Serum

ISDIN Flavo-C Serum – I bought a few skincare products in Madrid last year and a couple of products from the Spanish skincare range, ISDIN. These Vitamin C serum ampules come with a lid that allows you to get at least two doses of Vitamin C. Available online.

NIOD Multi Molecular Hyaluronic Complex – One of my favorite hyaluronic acid serums is this little gem by NIOD. It contains multiple sized molecules that scientists say absorb into the skin at different levels. I love how hydrated it leaves my skin after cleansing. Available online.

Step 3: Eye Cream

Embryolisse Radiant Eye – I’m still using this cooling balm in the morning. The cooling sensation is refreshing but I don’t see any depuffing. It feels very nice and it’s moisturizing but wouldn’t be my choice for puffy eyes. Available online.

Step 4: Moisturize & Protect

ISDIN Age Repair Moisturizer + Sunscreen – I absolutely love this lightweight moisturizer with SPF 50. It also contains collagen and hyaluronic acid. So good! Available online.

Step 1: Cleanse

Bioderma Moisturizing Micellaire Water – This is the “moisturizing” version of Bioderma makeup remover. Both are longtime favorites. They remove every bit of makeup. The best. Available online.

Avene Redness Relief Dermo-Cleansing Milk – A beautifully gentle cleansing lotion for sensitive skin and/or rosacea sufferers. Avene’s anti-redness line is wonderful. Available online.

Step 2: Treat

NeoStrata Retinol+Nag Complex – One of my favorite retinol creams is this from NeoStrata. It contains a potent 0.5 % retinol that doesn’t irritate my skin. Available online.

Step 3: Moisturize

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Double Repair Face Moisturizer – When I’m using retinols at night, sometimes I need a little extra moisturization. This clean and rich moisturizer does the trick. It contains Ceramide, Niacinamide, and it’s fragrance free. An affordable skincare gem. Available online.

Step 4: Eye Cream

No7 Restore & Renew Eye Cream – I’m still using this eye cream at night. No complaints and I would buy it again. Available at drugstores.

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