Decluttering Cookbooks: 146 Cookbooks In My Library

blackberry buckle cookbook keep or declutter

Decluttering my cookbook library while gobbling up Brussel sprouts, Blackberry Buckle, and the best Noodles Romanoff casserole I’ve ever eaten.

Quarantine continues to serve as a great motivator when it comes to my cookbook challenge to edit my vast cookbook library and declutter recipe books that no longer interest or inspire me, or don’t perform the way they should.

As of today, I have decluttered 73 cookbooks from my library and passed them onto others to enjoy by giving them away, donating, or selling them at my local used book store for credit. I decided to keep 3 cookbooks since my last blog post and declutter 5 cookbooks that no longer have a place in my kitchen.

Cookbooks I’m Keeping

Chelsea market cookbook favorite declutter
Chelsea Market Cookbook
roasted Brussel sprouts Chelsea market favorite cookbooks
Roasted Brussel Sprouts

KEEP: I made Roasted Brussel Sprouts and a delicious Blackberry Buckle from the Chelsea Market Cookbook. I used frozen blackberries. I think the recipe would perform better with fresh berries but I gobbled it up all the same. Chelsea Market is located in NYC. This cookbook contains recipes selected from the various eateries.

Blackberry Buckle from Chelsea Market Cookbook
blackberry buckle Chelsea market favorite cookbooks
blackberry buckle Chelsea market cookbook
in a nutshell cookbook
In A Nutshell

KEEP: The Hummus recipe in the In A Nutshell cookbook appealed to me because it calls for a fair amount of cumin. I loved the tanginess it added to the hummus, and will definitely make it again.

Hummus with cumin
hummus with cumin
vintage canisters ball jars
sorting out some food storage
birthday flowers from my mom
cookbook keep or declutter
The Spice Islands Cookbook

FOR SURE KEEP: Not only is The Spice Islands Cookbook chocked full of yummy recipes, but it also contains some very sweet illustrations. It’s from the Spice Islands brand of spices that have been sold in American grocery stores for decades. Each recipe features one or more spices from the range.

noodles roman off spice island
Noodles Romanoff from The Spice Islands Cookbook

I made one of the best dishes I have ever eaten from this cookbook, Noodles Romanoff. So scrumptious, I made it again a few days later. Sour cream, cottage cheese, and parmesan based sauce topped with panko bread crumbs and paprika and baked. Delicious!

noodles romanoff spice island
This beautiful baking dish was gifted to me by my friend, Shira.
spice islands cookbook declutter
Noodles Romanoff

A couple new discoveries

jovial foods
Jovial Food 100% Einkorn
jovial foods
sourdough brown bread

I’ve been searching for the best brown bread recipe and have baked up a few loaves this year. I tried the Einkorn Sourdough Brown Bread recipe from Jovial Foods. The recipe is listed on their website. It was okay. I don’t know if I’d make it again. I’m certain there are tastier recipes out there that I have yet to find.

jovial foods brown bread
Jovial Foods Sourdough Brown Bread
Benedictine Abbey of Regina Laudis
Sister Noella Marcellino Bethlehem Cheese

The Benedictine Abbey of Regina Laudis in Connecticut was founded in 1947. The Abbey is featured in Michael Pollan’s Netflix series, Cooked.

Sister Noella Marcellino, an artisanal cheese maker with a doctorate in microbiology has been making raw milk cheese in a wooden whiskey barrel since 1977. I bought some from a market near the Abbey to try. It’s nutty and pungent but not overpowering. The cost is prohibitive though. At $33 a pound, it would make for a pricey cheese board.

Sister Noella Marcellino Bethlehem Cheese
Sister Noella Marcellino Bethlehem Cheese

Cookbooks I’m Decluttering

potato cookbook

PASS: As much as I love potatoes, I found this cookbook to be uninspiring and decided to pass it onto someone else.

donna hay life in balance cookbooks
Donna Hay Life In Balance

PASS: I wanted so much to love this cookbook. It’s beautiful for one thing, and I have a few other Donna Hay cookbooks that I enjoy. So I’m disappointed to be disappointed. I made crispy chia and panko tofu and a spelt bread loaf from this cookbook. Neither was enjoyable. I could try other recipes but that defeats the objective of this challenge; to only keep cookbooks that I truly love and use.

chia seed tofu
tofu recipe from Donna Hay
spelt bread
Spelt Bread from Donna Hay
shaker cooking
Best of Shaker Cooking

PASS: I’m passing on this Shaker Cooking cookbook because I made two recipes and the measurements were completely off. It’s an interesting cookbook but I can’t be bothered with recipes I can’t count on.

crepes cookbook

PASS: Crepes are on my Top 10 Favorite Things To Eat list but I have other recipes that make me drool, namely Nigella’s. I will donate this for someone else to enjoy.

fagor manual

PASS: This cookbook came with my pressure cooker. Using my Fagor pressure cooker has become second nature to me now so I feel comfortable decluttering the recipe book it came with.

Let me know in the comments below if you have a favorite cookbook of 2020.

My cookbook declutter series to date

Decluttering My Cookbook Collection

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