Decluttering Cookbooks: 152 Cookbooks In My Library

staffordshire oatcakes
Staffordshire Oatcakes

Quarantine panic baking, decluttering my cookbook collection, and eating a lot of carbs during these stressful and uncertain times.

We are living in some very dark times. There is a lot of pain in the world right now. When I feel anxious, I eat. I’ve been baking quite a bit and I’m at least 70% of the way through my cookbook challenge to prepare at least two recipes from every cookbook that I own. My cookbook library now stands at 152 cookbooks, down from 219. I’m pretty proud of my progress.

I’ve been reaching for some of my favorite cookbooks for comfort foods. Still, I decluttered 2 cookbooks since my last update.

Cookbooks I’m Keeping

loretta lynn cookbook
Loretta Lynn You’re Cooking’ It Country

KEEP: I made a cookie recipe from Loretta Lynn’s cookbook that was a total disaster. I’m not sure what went wrong. They tasted good but didn’t set up in the oven. I’m going to keep this cookbook in my collection because she autographed it and there are other recipes that I want to try.

Loretta’s oatmeal cookies
silpat baking supplies
chocolate oatmeal cookies
tasty but baking fail
butcher holler possum loretta lynn
She says in her book that her mama could trap a possum.
loretta lynn autograph
tartine bread bakery sourdough starter
Tartine Bread
tartine bread olive bread cookbook
Olive Bread from Tartine Bread

KEEP: I’ve been baking a lot from Tartine Bread. The Olive Bread recipe is one of the best things I’ve ever baked and eaten. I cut about 50% of the olives in half and kept the rest whole. Made two heavenly loaves.

olive bread
olive bread tartine
ready to go into the oven
tartine bread olive
one loaf done, one to go
olive bread
perfect loaves, so pleased
olive bread
I ate olive bread for days!
tartine bread waffles
waffles from Tartine Bread

I also made sourdough waffles from Tartine Bread. This recipe takes 24 hours to prep but it’s worth the wait. So much depth of flavor. I froze the leftovers and toasted them for a quick snacks.

tartine waffles
egg whites are folded into the sourdough batter
tartine bread waffles cookbook
sourdough waffles – delicious
la tartine gourmande cookbook
La Tartine Gourmande

KEEP: I made a very flavorful pesto, mushroom and walnut tartine from the La Tartine Gourmande cookbook using my homemade olive bread. There are some really good recipes in this cookbook that I look forward to making.

la tartine gourmande
pesto, mushroom, and walnut tartine
pesto and olive bread
homemade olive bread
pesto walnut mushroom open faced sandwich
delicious open-faced sandwich

Cookbooks I’m Decluttering

secrets of Jesuit Breadmaking
The Secrets of Jesuit Breadmaking
oatmeal bread
oatmeal brown bread

PASS: I’ve been baking from The Secrets of Jesuit Breadmaking cookbook for several months now. While I loved the brown bread recipe in this book, ultimately, I decided to declutter it because I have other bread books that I prefer. I’m really trying to keep only the best bread baking books in my library. I know someone else will appreciate this one.

oatmeal bread
O’Brien’s Oatmeal Bread
oatmeal brown bread
oatmeal brown bread
a very sticky dough to work with
brown bread recipe
I didn’t have two identical loaf pans but this worked.
oatmeal brown bread
great flavor and texture
cakes and pastries at the academy
Cakes and Pastries At The Academy

PASS: I’ve probably had this Cakes and Pastries cookbook for thirty years and I can’t recall baking from it until now. I made a cake that may go down in history as the worst cake I’ve ever made. The sour cream chocolate frosting was yummy but this cake recipe yielded the driest cake I’ve ever had the displeasure of eating. Maybe someone else will have better luck.

sour cream cake
I used a combination of all the chocolate chips I had on hand.
sour cream chocolate frosting
sour cream chocolate frosting
sour cream chocolate frosting – delicious
chocolate cake
looks good enough to eat
it wasn’t

Let me know in the comments below some of your favorite cookbooks.

My cookbook declutter series to date

Decluttering My Cookbook Collection

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