Favorite Thrifted Decor: Art Edition

I’ve been decorating my living space with thrift store art since I moved into my first apartment many, many years ago. Since my entire home is decorated with 2nd hand, found objects, combing thrift stores and yard sales for art remains a favorite pastime. Although, I have officially run out of wall space so I endeavor less frequently nowadays.

Choosing and buying art is a deeply personal decision. Art speaks to each of us individually and uniquely. Art that I’ve chosen to live on my walls may not be your style or vibe and that’s okay. My only objective in writing this blog post is to convey two things. Most importantly, No. 1. You do not need to spend a lot of money on art. No. 2. Collecting art is a life long journey. Don’t feel like you need to rush the process by buying up wall art for a particular room that you are decorating just so you can call it “done.” You will likely end up with uninspiring and mediocre wall decor purchased in a rush with your hard earned money. In the lexicon of the moment, this will not “spark joy.” Take your time, discover, and only purchase that which speaks to you.

I have some art purchased over the years from antique stores where one can expect to pay a little more but I haven’t included those here. Below are some of my favorite thrift store and yard sale finds. Yard sale season will be here before we know it, and everyone is decluttering these days so I encourage you to visit your local thrift stores and hunt through their packed inventory. You are bound to find works of art looking for a new home.

This roadside thrift/junk store find is an original oil painting. I had to run an obstacle course to get to it but it was worth it. The colors are amazing.
One of my all time favorite finds is this reproduction and gorgeous hand painted wood frame I bought at a thrift store for $15.
Sorry for the glare. I bought this original watercolor for $4 at Savers a few years ago. I paid $1 for the frame at a junk store and took them both to a frame shop. It cost more money but I love the end result.
I have a collection of found art in my bathroom. Some thrifted, some from antique stores.
A $4 original pastel + frame from Red, White, and Blue Thrift.
I’ve had this folk art piece for many years. I bought it from a roadside thrift shop in Ohio.
An original oil painting I thrifted for $12. I keep thinking I’m going to get it framed but I think I prefer it as is.
Hand painted wood mirror I picked up for $7.
This reproduction was an estate sale find.
I can’t remember what I paid for this mid-century tile piece as I’ve had it for at least 20 years.
Original painting and yard sale find.
This is an original painting by someone copying a Fernando Botero piece. It was $12.
I love this funky 1960’s beaded piece on black felt.
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