Flower Child

Usually, I can remember where and when I bought every piece of clothing I own but I’m drawing a blank on where I acquired this vintage maxi dress. I’m pretty sure it came from a vintage shop in Denver or Las Vegas.

There are three things I really love about this dress and that always come to mind when I reach for it. 1. It’s handmade. Women made their own party clothes much more often in the 60s and 70s than they do today and I’m blessed to have a few such items. I can appreciate the effort made by those of us who have sewn our own clothes. This seamstress was quite talented. 2. The details. Florals are a rare occurrence in my wardrobe but every once in a while, a pattern will pull me in. The floral embroidery, and the black lace trim, and the lattice’s all too good. 3. It’s easy. A dress like this does all the styling for you. Just zip it up, put on your shoes, and you’re done. I always welcome that. This is flower power I can get behind.

I’m loathed to use hot tools in the summer. I’m learning to embrace this frizzy mess.

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