How To Build A Vintage Wardrobe: Part IV Skirts

I admit I don’t wear skirts very often. I reach for pants most days and live in denim. However, on days when I want to make a bit more of an effort, I will reach for a skirt. Some of my vintage skirts, I have had a very long time and are like old friends. I have also bought a few new ones in the past year.

I’m not particularly drawn to specific lengths or silhouettes as much as fabrics or details. Here are some examples of vintage skirts that I’ve found at thrift stores, flea markets, online, or from other collectors. There’s no doubt in my mind that you will find some to covet as well.


The most appealing aspect of wearing vintage clothing to me if I had to define it in the most basic sense would be finding the most unusual, one of a kind, gorgeous clothing items that few (if any) other people wear. If you fancy yourself an individualist, vintage clothing is for you.

vintage velvet & lace skirt

Two such items in my wardrobe that really make a statement would be these two skirts. I found this mustard-colored velvet and lace skirt at a vintage clothing fair. I didn’t have anything like this or in this color in my wardrobe and it got me excited for fall, my favorite season.

This blue/purple brocade skirt is French, from the 1890s and is a genuine antique yet still easy to style on any given day. I purchased this from a French linen seller at Brimfield Flea Market last year and it is one of my favorite clothing items.

French antique skirt
thrift store statement skirt

This pleated striped skirt was a thrift store find for $8 that I posted on a recent blog post. It illustrates the fact that one doesn’t have to spend very much money to find one of a kind vintage clothing items.


Why not shop vintage for going out looks? Parties, dates, and special events are prime opportunities to hit your local vintage shop for something fun and interesting. If you know in advance that you will need something to wear for an upcoming event, and have time to browse online, even better.

vintage star overlay

I was shopping Etsy for a vintage black slip this past spring to wear under a specific dress and came across this vintage tulle overlay. It isn’t the slip I was looking for but I fell for the stars and rhinestones. My preferred way to wear this is over black jeans for something different.

I bought this 1970s wool plaid and pleated skirt at a flea market for $20. I didn’t have an immediate plan to wear it but when a fundraiser came up on my calendar, this outfit came to mind.

1970s beauty


Boho skirts are in abundance online and in thrift shops. I reach for them primarily in the sweltering summer heat. I do not like summer. Never have. My aim is always to just survive summer. I don’t like typical summer clothing such as shorts, tank tops, etc., and therefore don’t want to spend much of my budget at all on summer clothes. However, I do love a maxi skirt.

$4 summer clothes

I scored this vintage orange maxi skirt with white trim at Red, White and Blue Thrift for $4. It keeps me cool on warm days. I like to wear long skirts with sneakers such as my Air Force 1s when I’m on the move running errands.

$13 Etsy find

This vintage panel skirt was another bargain at $13 on Etsy. I was drawn to the different prints as well as the multi-colored sequins on the hem.

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