How To Build A Vintage Wardrobe: Part V Shoes & Boots

Mid 90s shoes Laundry by Shelli Segal

Shoes and boots can be a simple way to incorporate vintage into one’s everyday wardrobe because they are so easily styled with denim. I don’t have a large collection of vintage shoes but what I do have, I appreciate greatly. Most have been incredible bargains as well and easy on the budget.


I bought these navy blue Laundry shoes (above) in the 90s while living in Seattle. At the time, I liked the 1940s vintage inspiration and have kept them all these years. A classic pair of navy shoes can be difficult to find. I’m wearing them here with Vince navy trousers with an army green stripe.

These green pumps by Italian designer Andrea Pfister are vintage 1970s, early 80’s and are made of dyed snake skin. I received them as a gift from a friend many years ago. I admittedly don’t wear them too often because I rarely reach for bright colors but they are a good example of a classic 80’s shoe that is easily styled with jeans for something different.

Vintage Andrea Pfister snake skin pumps
With vintage Levi’s that I cropped myself
Vintage YSL shoes

My favorite pair of vintage shoes has to be these YSL velvet pumps. I purchased these on my first trip to Brimfield Flea several years ago from a jewelry seller who also had some vintage shoes on hand, and lucky for me, they were my exact size. I paid up for them, $70. I’m wearing them here with an older pair of jeans from Anthropologie.

Vintage 1960s boots for $10


I bought these 1960s vintage brown leather boots at a flea market for $10. The leather was pretty dry and the glue was coming undone so I paid a cobbler another $10 to condition and reinforce them for me.

I’ve styled them above with an over-the-top sequin skirt that I bought last summer in Spain at Zara, carefully packing it in my checked luggage for the trip home. The boots dress the skirt down a notch and coordinate with the brown sequins in the skirt.

Worn here with casual cropped pants and cropped jeans.

Flea Market Find $25


There is absolutely no shortage of vintage cowboy boots in thrift shops, antique stores, flea markets, vintage shops, online, etc. You can spend a little or a lot. I paid $25 for the gold ones above. They are a little snug but not at all uncomfortable. Cowboy boots go with just about anything such as dresses or jeans.

Vintage green cowboy boots

I found these vintage green cowboy boots in a San Fransisco vintage clothing store in Haight-Ashbury for $30.

vintage cowboy boots
90s Donald L. Pliner booties

These vintage Donald L. Pliner booties are another favorite. I’m dead over this pointy toe. They are better styled with a cropped pant that accentuates the ankle but on this day, I wore them with treated inky blue Diesel jeans.

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