How To Get Your Life Back On Track In Three Days

I’ve had a busy couple of months with work, travel, and end of the year projects. I can get overwhelmed sometimes when things pile up due to a demanding work schedule thus having to push things to the back burner, or traveling and not being at home to get things done. Tasks and procrastination can stack up leaving me feeling a little paralysed.

I was out of town again last weekend and was already thinking about steps I’d need to take to get some structure and routine back into my life, and perhaps writing a blog post about it. I was thinking about titling this post, How To Get Your Life Back On Track In Five Days but I caught a cold last Sunday which sidelined me until Wednesday. Whether it takes three days or five, I’ve developed a short routine that always helps me get my life back on track.

I have a hard time focusing on priorities if my house is in disarray. Taking the first hour or two to tidy up up the house, clean the kitchen, and start the laundry helps me feel productive and off to a good start.

Healthy food choices go right out the door when I’m feeling overwhelmed and this is when I’m prone to ordering pizza or relying on Grubhub to feed myself. Although I wasn’t feeling very well, I rallied enough to get to the grocery store for meal staples such as eggs, smoked salmon, bread, fruit, potatoes, and vegetables.  Clean eating is a small element that yields big results.

Make a To Do List of your top priorities for the week and assign yourself a deadline for each.  For me, this is critical.  Brain-dumping my priorities onto a list each day helps me to stay focused, and I remind myself how good it’s going to feel to power through tasks and to be caught up by weeks end.

If your to-do list is overwhelming, take baby steps by breaking out big tasks into smaller tasks (A-Z). Completing smaller tasks that you can cross off your to-do list builds momentum and next thing you know, you are caught up and feeling like the boss that you are.

Taking a walk, exercise class, going to the gym, or whatever form of exercise you do is essential to getting the body moving and blood flowing.  This isn’t the time to kill yourself in the gym, just get yourself back into a routine.

To get your calendar back in action, take a few minutes to make any needed appointments that have been floating around in the back of your mind. This feeds the pipeline, frees up brain space, and eliminates some things off of your to-do list.

Find some human interaction and re-engage with society. I work from home so a quick visit to say hello to colleagues or coffee with a friend helps me feel like myself again and back to normal.

What is something you do to get your life back on track?

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