My Favorite Travel Rollers

If you’re in the market for travel rollers, I recommend the T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers.  You get eight (4 x 1.75″ rollers and 4 x 1.50″) flocked rollers packed in a black travel case.  They heat up quickly and provide body and bouncy curls at home or on the go.  Remember to roll your hair smoothly onto the roller and leave in until cool.

There are some negative reviews on Amazon criticizing the rollers for being too hot, or for breaking when dropped.  It’s probably true that they could break if dropped.  I’ve had mine for three years and have taken good care of them. 

Hot rollers need to be hot to set a curl.  If you have super fine hair and a sensitive scalp, it’s worth considering before going the hot roller route.  I’ve used hot rollers on and off for many years and have learned to simply reposition them if the heat is too much.  

Available at Ulta and Amazon

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