I always bring back a sampling of beauty products when I visit a new city.  The amount of which is usually dictated by how much room I have in my suitcase.  I love to explore the numerous offerings (foreign to me) in far away pharmacies.  When I’m able to strike up a conversation with the store clerk, I enjoy learning which creams, treatments, and routines their local clientele gravitate toward as well as which basic health and beauty gems are the best sellers. 

I recently finished up my lot of products I bought in Stockholm and I got to reminiscing about my trip there last summer.  

I loved using this deodorant from La Roche Posay as well as the foot cream.  The Swedish beauty brand Löwengrip is a popular choice amongst locals.  The range contains too much fragrance for my preference but I liked the effect.

Eucerin has a large skincare range that I’ve only ever seen in Europe and these round exfoliating face scrubbers may have been my favorite find in the Swedish pharmacy.  They are fantastic and I wish I would have bought more. 

Stockholm.  What a beautiful city.  I love the mix of old and new, modernity and tradition, grandeur and Scandinavian simplicity. 

The Vasa Museum was a highlight.  This warship sank in the Stockholm harbor in 1628 and was forgotten for 333 years.  Preserved by the muck and minerals in the water, this magnificent wooden ship with its intricate carvings is a sight to behold. 

Pippi Longstocking’s house.

Yum! I ate too many of these.

Surrounded by water, Stockholm is positively majestic day or night. 

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